Baby K Maternity

Baby K Maternity

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Mother of 3

This is my 10th post of 2016. That's beyond understanding for me. I have spent years documenting the milestones and memories of my sweet family, and this year I have been off my game. Not to worry, Facebook to the rescue because I can do that on the spot, but it takes time to sit down and write...What is this thing called time? So.Much.Has.Happened this year. So.Much. and I've done a terrible job capturing those moments with my words. But don't worry, there are thousands of pictures!
This is what it means to be a mother of three. To live in the moment and worry about writing later.


On August 7, 2016 Connor was baptized at First Baptist Church Ft. Lauderdale by Pastor Ken Mann and Daddy. It was amazing. I cried. He smiled the whole time, and we were all blessed to be able to watch it happen. It certainly took long enough, because he was saved December 25, 2015, but none the less he was ready and so were we.

In August we also decided to list our house on the market in preparation for our move to Washington, D.C. It was a huge step, but it was time and we needed to make sure all of our ducks were in a row so we would be ready to move up there when we needed to.

 Connor finally received his Kindergarten diploma in the mail, and Aunt Kaitlyn got her first car! Milestones I tell you. So much to celebrate!

 Kinzey turned 2 months old in August and got to dip her toes in the ocean for the first time on that very day! We had Beach Bash at church, and the kids got to run around and play in the favorite.

 Connor also started FIRST GRADE in August. We decided to put him back in public school, and he was placed in Ms. Romanelli's class. So cool that he has a teacher that was teaching when I was there. She is wonderful and we gave him his anchor bracelet on his first day to help ease any anxiety he might have. He wears it every day, and it's a way to keep us all connected even when we are apart from each other. Because he went in as a 5 year old there was an observation period of 10 days to make sure he was ready, but after 5 days they told us we had nothing to worry about. He's where he is meant to be. Smarty pants.

 We have been enjoying living at Grandma's house and never get tired of the amazing sunsets she has on the lake. Caleb loves being outside just as much as his big brother, and Grandma's house has the perfect backyard to take advantage of that. From the big tree to the pool, there is always something to do.


  Kinzey got to go on her very first airplane ride the first weekend of September, and it was a whirlwind yet again. Our goal was to House Hunt and though we looked at plenty of houses, we didn't find The One just yet. But it did give us a good idea of where we wanted to live, and what aspects we wanted in the home we were going to buy. It was good homework for us.

While we were there, we got the news that Great Grandpa Ernie had passed away, and my heart broke in pieces to be so far away from my family, and yet rejoiced that we had made it a priority to go and visit him back in July. I am blessed that I had such a wonderful Grandpa that I got to spend so much time with growing up, and that my children were able to meet and love. Connor was very upset by the news. I cried and cried, and at that point, was ready to go home. One more piece of my dad was gone in that moment too. Grandpa Ernie lived an amazing life though and it needs to be recognized and celebrated, not mourned. Three months later and it still feels like it just happened, but I get to have a piece of him with me though, because I have his hands.

 Ernest Harlan Guise, 96, of Boca Raton, passed away peacefully in his summer home overlooking Lake Glenville on Sunday, September 4. Born in Gustavus, Ohio, he was preceded in death by his wife Frances, parents Harry and Mary Guise, brothers Carleton and Francis (Bud), sisters Dorothy and Nellie (Allday), and son Gary. He is survived by his wife of 23 years, Jo Ann Guise, sons Rodney (Lynn), Jack (Carol), Curtis (Beverley), 13 grandchildren, and 17 great grandchildren. During WWII Ernie attended Embry Riddle,entered the Civil Service as an aircraft mechanic at Egland Field, and was an assistant foreman at Grenada Army Air Base, MS In late 1943 he joined the Air Force Cadets and for over 2 years he served at several military fields and bases where he received his wings. He was discharged from the Air Force on his birthday in 1946. He studied architecture and business administration under the GI bill and worked in construction, real estate, and investing. He developed Li'l Switzerland subdivision in 1959 on Lake Glenville in the mountains of western North Carolina. Ernie enjoyed golf, boating, water-skiing, fishing, motorcycling, dancing, travel, and helping to raise pups for Canine Companions for Independence. A funeral service will be held at Advent Lutheran Church, 300 East Yamato Rd. Boca Raton, FL on Sept. 10, viewing at 10, service at 11.

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