Baby K Maternity

Baby K Maternity

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

North Carolina and Dollywood

Kinzey's first big out of state trip was at 1 month old. We went to North Carolina so Kinzey could meet her special Great Grandpa Ernie. Grandma Glenda, Daddy, and I took turns driving through the night to make our special visit.

July at a Glance

I get it....I have three children. There will be a time to blog and document once I stop living hour to hour, but I cannot miss all the things we've been up to. For goodness sake, I am jumping from Kinzey's birth story to now being almost 11 weeks old.
 Kinzey's first holiday was The 4th of July! Everyone had fun, she was unimpressed with the fireworks, though C1 and C2 loved them! It was also our official move in day at Grandma's house while we have our house on the market.

 We also celebrated Daddy's birthday. He's old!

 Lots of fun summer days at Grandma's house.

 We had lots of drama with the spot where Connor needed stitches a few year ago. It opened up twice this summer, though it seems to be sticking now. Words of wisdom from this mama of boys....go with stitches and not glue. Glue does not work on my active boy. He also lost another top tooth and was thrilled that the Tooth Fairy found him in his new bed.

 Kinzey LOVES to be outside and watching the trees in the backyard. Also, this Zika scare sucks. Because I now go after mosquitoes like they are mini terrorists.

 Caleb is learning many life lessons.

 Great Grandma and Grandpa Hebebrand visited to meet sweet Kinzey and we had a nice time together. They could have held her every hour of every day they were here and Kinzey lit up every time Grandma Harriet showed her face.

Here is Kinzey's 1 month picture!