Baby K Maternity

Baby K Maternity

Friday, June 24, 2016

What's In a Name

 I give you Miss Kinzey Grace Petersen. By far the hardest child to name for us. The boys came easy. Daddy right away came up with Connor Jacob all on his own, and I loved it. Caleb Guise was easy as well wanting something to honor my family, but also having a C name to begin. With our princess though, we debated up until about 2 weeks ago. Connor on the other hand....knew all along.

January 1 we came home from our gender reveal sonogram and upon finding out we were having a girl we asked our Connor-boy what we should name her:

Connor: "We should name her Lindsey."
Me: "Connor, that's a really nice name, but we already have someone in our family named Lindsey, plus we are looking for a name that starts with K."
Connor: "Ok, Kinzey!"

To which Tim and I went....hmmmmm. How unique. I wonder what it means.......
Ok then! I may love that!! The story of our sweet girl truly is one pointing straight back to the King of Kings and it couldn't be more special of a meaning. 

But we weren't sold. Though Connor would only speak to my belly by calling her Kinzey we still ruminated between 3 names. Kinzey, Kiley, and in third Kendall. We finally narrowed it down to Kinzey and Kiley (meaning Beautiful) and Tim decided to flip a coin. Of course in our little TBall player's mind that's law, and of course Kinzey won. Connor was happy as a clam, but we still weren't sure. I have to say listening to Connor say "goodnight baby Kinzey" to my belly every night blessed my heart tremendously. 

A few weeks ago I noticed a friend on facebook had a little girl named Kinzie and I was thrilled! How had I not noticed that before? They happen to be Egyptian, and my sweet friend informed me that in Arabic Kinzie means "my treasure". I did more research and more specifically "it comes from the Arabic word, 'Kinz' meaning 'hidden treasure'". Considering what a surprise Miss Kinzey was in our lives I was SOLD! 

Connor spoke it into being, and I feel it was not by accident. 

Now onto a middle name, again it was not immediate. We actually finally decided the last day we were in the hospital and had to turn in the paperwork for her birth certificate. 

Kinzey Grace Petersen OR Kinzey Anne Petersen

Grace is a family name, after my Great Grandma Grace who was so wonderful and special. It is also who Aunt Kaitlyn Grace is named after. Anne would be in honor of Daddy, whose middle name is Andrew. Anne also meaning Grace.

Ultimately Grace just suited her better, and Daddy made the clutch decision because Mommy couldn't make the call. 

So there we have it. Our Baby K -  Little Miss - is our very own Kinzey Grace. 

(Though Daddy likes to call her Scout.)

Thursday, June 16, 2016

A Review Part 3


May was filled with lots of activity and memories. Trying to make the most of the time we have right now, right here, with what we have at the moment. Daddy has every other Friday off, and we usually use those days as family time, and Connor loves them so much he asks all week long if it's a Daddy Friday. 
 This was a Daddy Friday! Who doesn't love a good meal and a milkshake?
 Of course had to do another side by side at 33 weeks. Technically Caleb (in the middle is 32 weeks) but close enough. Oh how each sweet baby is so different, and oh how we learn so much more with each little miracle.

 Our entire Spring Season was consumed with TBall, and that's ok, but man is it time consuming. We wouldn't do it if Connor didn't love it. And boy does he beg to go, and we enjoy watching him grow in the sport. He's a natural born athlete for sure!
 Our children's choir UpBeat got to sing in Big Church as a promotion for VBS this summer. They sang Bubblin' Up, and the kids were upset that it would be the last song for a while. I'm so proud of our Wednesday night group, and our small leadership team that made it happen. Quality over quantity.
 35 Weeks, and growing! Miss K is measuring right on track and I'm loving my OB office and experience this time around. It makes such a difference!

 We finished playoffs 4th in the League and even Caleb got a trophy.

 Daddy took the boys over to the airport to watch the Air Show, and got the best surprise of watching the Thunderbirds take off right in front of them. It was awesome watching the pilots wave at the boys from their cockpits, and they had so much fun!!!!

 Mother's Day was perfect, and we got to spend it out to lunch and over to Grandma's for some pool time. Just what I ask for every year!
 We call him Smoosh, or Squishy, or all things yummy. He is just the cheesiest!!!

 Grandma spent the last few Tuesdays in May to take the boys on Field Trips. They hit the zoo first, and the Seaquarium the following week. We make the most out of having an awesome schedule!

 Connor's last day of Kindergarten was bittersweet. When it was all over, Connor climbed up in my lap, and I whispered into his ear how absolutely proud of him I am, and we let a few tears pass down our cheeks as we thought about how special this school year was. He is so big! He is so smart!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Maternity Pictures and Baby Shower!

To take maternity pictures or not to take maternity pictures. Third Trimester in the middle of summer didn't sounds like a ton of fun, but Anthony came to the rescue and we quickly got them shot, and the results were SO WORTH IT!!! I couldn't be more please with the outcome of our pictures, and I'm so glad we did them! Little Miss deserves pictures for her too!

The last Saturday in April we had a royal celebration to shower Baby K with love and necessities. It was amazing to see how beautifully the room came together, and the women who filled it were all so special. The grand tables were set for a princess, and we had bow making stations, a Bible to bless her with, and diapers to cheers us up in the middle of the night.

I am so lucky to have such amazing women in my life that pour grace and love into me. Of course there were loved ones missing, but I am beyond blessed by those who were able to come and celebrate with us.

Not sure what I would do without Grandma Glenda, and she put so much time and effort into making this day SO beautiful, and SO special. I can't thank her enough for all she does.

We were showered with so many gifts, and I don't even know how to begin saying thank you to everyone who thought of my baby girl and sent such lovely things.

Aunt Laura made yet another cake for another life event! It was so pretty and yummy, and perfect. "The Princess Has Arrived" onesie will be making its way to the hospital with us to bring our little royal one home with us, and the amazing surprise quilt from Diana was so special to open!
We remembered at the very end to get a picture with those still present, and I'm so glad we did! What a special bunch!
Two Great Grandmas, One Amazing Grandma, and an Awesome Aunt will round this precious Petersen out with what it means to be a Proverbs 31 woman. How lucky she is!

The big brothers came with Daddy at the end to help us clean up, and pack the cars, and they are just so excited for Baby K to get here! Connor wanted to be at the whole shower!