Baby K Maternity

Baby K Maternity

Monday, April 18, 2016

A Review Part 1

I know I know I know, forgive me Baby K. I have not been able to keep up with documenting your little life as efficiently as I should on this blog. Don't worry. I've kept every pretty little sonogram and taken belly pictures, I just haven't written about it. 


Let's begin with January! On January 1, 2016 we brought in the New Year with learning you were a sweet little miss. The whole crew crammed into a little sonogram room and cried together knowing how special you are. 

We didn't share the news right away because I think I was still in shock with everything. Let's be honest. I had just found out you were on your way, and then bam....I was going to get to do pink, and tutus, and glitter, and dresses...and I was a little overwhelmed.
After finding out we were having a girl, the boys surprised us with Hand Foot Mouth, and we survived. I never want to go through that again. Nooooooooo thank you! Connor ended up losing 6 fingernails and Caleb couldn't shake the poor sores around his mouth. I kept Connor is footed pajamas and gloves for days. Never again please.
This would be 19 weeks and looking towards the half way mark. Baby K where are you? You didn't show for quite a while. We had to do an Anatomy Screening at a specialized sonogram clinic since we missed all of the screenings in the first trimester. The result was one of the prettiest 19 week profile pictures I have ever seen, and further confirmation that we were indeed having a girl, and nothing new had grown since our last sonogram. 

 Connor got to do lots of big boy Connor-only activities in January as well. He got to go on a fun Pirate Adventure with Daddy for doing such a wonderful job in Pageant. I got lots of pictures and he was thrilled with getting to shoot the bad guy with the water cannons. Daddy and I also got to take Connor to the Barnum and Bailey Circus where we got to sit in the front row. Connor loved the BMX bikes the most and started begging to learn to ride his bicycle with no training wheels from that moment on.

 My little Princes are as close as ever and my heart swells with pride with how they continue to play together and love on each other. These kiddos are so adaptable, and happily eat breakfast under my desk in their pajamas on Sunday mornings when we have to get to the church so early. I'm one lucky mama.


 On the first day of February we drove up to Orlando and got to spend time with the Z's, especially Addisyn and Avery, at Epcot. They had so much fun together! I think one of the highlights was seeing Baymax for the girls, and just getting to be together was a blast.

Annnnnnndddddd here is 20 weeks. Little Miss still hadn't decided to make an appearance yet. She was waiting for our ski trip.

 I see you Park City, UT and we love you!!! Here is Connor' s first day in ski school. He was amazing. He spent two days in ski school and was ready for the green slopes! He took to it like a natural and loved every minute of it. I cannot begin to explain how cool it was watching him shred down the mountain. He now wants to live where it snows so he can have his own skis.

 We spent a few evenings after being on the slopes sledding outside of our condo. Everyone got to sled, and of course their were snow angels and snow fights, and lots of giggles and fun!

 We ate dinner at the same restaurant each evening, and I could happily eat there for the rest of my life. I don't think anyone ordered the same thing twice and every night everyone was satisfied. The Red Rock restaurant even made their own root beer and cream soda. Kaitlyn even decided to celebrate her birthday dinner there. Yum!

 Our last day there we got snow. It was beautiful skiing weather the entire trip, and on our way out we got beautiful fluffy snow. The Florida people were thrilled!

February also saw the Opening Day of Baseball and a new Spring Season for Connor, this time on the Cubs with Daddy as an assistant Coach.

 He continually gets better and better each season, and it is amazing to see his growth. We had the usual suspects in the cheering section. The faithful fans who don't miss a single game. Papa, Grandma, and Aunt Kaitlyn make it such a priority to be there, and it means the world to us. We were going to take this particular season off, but Connor begged, and he's really doing a great job.

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