Baby K Maternity

Baby K Maternity

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Our Big Christmas Surprise

 Yes, we had a bit of a Christmas Miracle last month. In the rush and busyness of Pageant Season I had no idea that a precious little Petersen was growing all by itself. The week before Christmas I made a doctor appointment for not feeling well, and decided to finally take care of it. When I called in on Monday to find out the results of my blood work and hopefully be put on antibiotics, I was told by the nurse "Well, you know you're pregnant" to which I replied "Come again?" We were driving into Magic Kingdom at the time, and we spent the day in shock. The nurse thought that based on my blood work I was 8-10 weeks pregnant. Can you say surprise?!?! I spent the next two days attempting to get into completely booked doctor's offices that were all anticipating being closed over the holidays.

I was able to get into my Fertility specialists' office that Friday and upon looking at my blood work he thought I might be 6-8 weeks along. We were all wrong. Upon measuring the baby on the sonogram it turns out I was 13 weeks pregnant and growing nicely (see above). Wait....what?!?! He said I needed to get into an OB as soon as possible since I had missed my first trimester, and sent me home with a bunch of prenatal vitamins!

 I had to wait until after Christmas to get in with an OB and got another look at the sweet nugget I was just becoming aware of.  Above is almost 15 weeks.  We announced on Facebook on Christmas day with the ornament picture at the top still fresh with the news ourselves, though farther along in the pregnancy than I have ever waited to announce with the other two.

 On January 1st, the VIPs crowded into a tiny sonogram room to find out what we will be having and to view some pretty incredible 3D images. Great Grandma Harriet even got to be there and it was her first time witnessing all of this new technology. It was a special way to bring in 2016.

We still haven't announced our news yet, and I think it is mostly because even having the knowledge of being pregnant is still so fresh to us. It's interesting because most people have the entire first trimester to keep the precious knowledge and ruminate on it. We didn't have that. Within 2 weeks of finding out I was pregnant we were finding out what we were having. It's all moved so quickly. and even at this point I'm halfway through this pregnancy. It is all so surreal, and it is all so amazing. God has some big plans for this little one who is coming in June and we are just lucky enough to be able to witness it.

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