Baby K Maternity

Baby K Maternity

Wednesday, October 7, 2015


There was a time in my life where I was able to be super diligent in keeping up with our happenings....currently that is not this time of my life. So here I am recapping some of the things of September before the major happenings of October need to be documented.

 Grandma Glenda celebrated her birthday at the beginning of the month on the 4th and we were so excited that Uncle Casey came home to celebrate! I think Grandma was of course the most excited and then Connor came in a close second. It was so sweet to watch them; Connor and Uncle Casey bake Grandma a delicious cake and have special bonding time! We were all on the mend from Norovirus when Uncle Casey arrived, Daddy having his encounter with it while these pictures were taken, and eventually it moving on to our visitor. We all feel complete when we are together, we do not all feel human when we are puking our guts out. (Was that too much?) Listen, when we have to rush baby Caleb to the ER because he vomits 8 times in 2 hours, you know it's a monster of a virus.

 HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA!!!!! No one could ever fill your shoes, nor would we want anyone too.

 This sweet boy also turned 11 Months old on the 23rd and I can't believe we are about to hit his one year birthday! I can't believe Connor is going to be FIVE on Sunday. Dear Lord I need it to all slow down! Caleb is such a sweet little chipmunk and everyone just loves him. I have recently revoked his "Angel Baby" status because he just wants me all-the-time and doesn't want to sleep, but I have a feeling he'll earn it back real quickly.

He loves to talk, says Mama, Dada, bye bye, more, all done, and is working on hello. He will happily wave, give kisses, and high five! Is just about ready to walk but will promptly, slowly and fully in control, sit down if he thinks we are letting go. He thinks Roxy and Fenway are hysterical, and shares all of his food with Roxy. Any type of rolling ball is his favorite, and the Hot Dog song will get him laughing every time! Still has not slept through the night but does have 8 teeth. He is so precious!

 The last weekend of September we made a mad dash up to WDW and got to enjoy the first weekend of Food and Wine at Epcot, did a little AK as well as MK, and even finally ate at T-Rex. It was a lot of fun, and only getting cooler. Thank you Lord for "fall". We did discover that Connor is finally tall enough for Everest so it is on the docket for our next AK trip! He is SO BIG!

 I finally got to go on a trip to Lion Country Safari with the kids even though they went many times this summer. We tried to do it all, taking advantage of our last weekend with our summer passes and Connor was thrilled to feed the giraffe, his favorite. Caleb didn't so much want to touch it as point and giggle at it.

 I can't get over what goober this kid is! I had to take some picture for his birthday invite and got so many cute ones it was hard to choose just one.

I need to find a moment to upload the picture off of my phone, but let's be honest...who knows when I'll actually have time for that. I promise I will claim my life back...but at the moment it just isn't mine!

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