Baby K Maternity

Baby K Maternity

Friday, September 11, 2015

Our 2 Week Summer Road Trip: Part 3 Va

 After leaving beautiful Gettysburg we woke up on Daddy's birthday and drove to our home away from home, Lynchburg, Virginia. The drive wasn't too bad because we were so excited to meet the newest member of the Guise family, Harper. Everyone decided to spend some time running around outside (read Connor and Harper), and then we broke out my metal detector and dug up Uncle Casey's backyard. Everyone had fun.

 For dinner Daddy decided to celebrate at Waterstone Pizza, which is becoming a trend, and aside from multiple spilled Sprites, everything was yummy. Connor is just so thrilled whenever he's around Uncle Casey. It's like being around a celebrity for him, and then top it with a birthday celebration...he was a little stoked.

We ate cake and opened presents back at Uncle Casey's house, and I think Daddy was thrilled with his new Fitbit. He got such good use out of his old one, it was time for an upgrade! 

 We woke up the next morning and had lunch at my favorite place, aside from Osaka, Market at Main. Honestly, there isn't a sandwich on the menu I wouldn't devour, and we always always always order an extra Grilled PB&J because it's amazing. And can you say house chips? Aunt Hilary met us there and it was nice to be able to spend a little time together when she's such a busy little entrepreneur.

 We then met one of our best buds Rhett to explore Percival's Island, and  I think Flynn had fun too! All of the boys are getting so big, and now little Ivy is here and I just can't with it all. Erica and I became friends and roommates Freshmen year at Liberty and it has been so fun staying close all these years. The memories of dorm life are priceless!!!! I think it would be so cool for Rhett and Connor to be dorm mates too....but no pressure....

 To round out our day we headed up to the Snowflex with a short detour on the football field where Daddy and Connor actually ran around the perimeter of the field multiple times. It looked like "fun". No trip is complete without Connor getting to zip down the sled tracks, so of course we did that too. Caleb can't wait to join in on all the fun. Crawling is one thing, but sledding will be a whole new ball game.

 The next morning we said goodbye to Uncle Casey and started our trek back south. We had to stop in Cherokee for our annual Bear Picture, and this was Caleb's first bear photo op. It was fast, it was painless, it was heartbreaking, but we did it and Grandpa Gary would be pleased.

 Our next stop was Franklin for some Gem mining, because Connor is obsessed with treasure (see metal detector) and because it's fun! The Windles, minus the boys, met us for some muddy rock hounding and then we got to go back to their beautiful home for some yummy food. Let me say, it is always so nice to have some girl time with someone you don't have to explain yourself to. It's always hard to say goodbye, but we left to make it to our hotel further south. Gosh do I miss my girls!
That night was a nightmare with Connor screaming from some sort of ear ache. We were up for a good portion of the night with him in extreme pain, so at 5:00am we called an audible and just got on the road so we could get to our own pediatrician that afternoon. 
 We drove through some extreme weather, and even more extreme health. Connor was so uncomfortable and aside from his ear started to say his head hurt. Poor buddy threw up shortly after that (see his picture of the event above) and then slept for a good portion of the trip home. We made it to the doctor and they gave him some great medicine. What a way to end such an epic trip.

Of course we still had to celebrate Daddy's birthday with our family down here, and it's always fun to have multiple parties. I can't believe it has taken 2 months to get this entire trip written down, but man life is happening quickly. Caleb is growing like a weed, and Connor has started Kindergarten, but more on that in the next post. I've got to try and keep things organized! Try is the main word there.

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