Baby K Maternity

Baby K Maternity

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

A Summer in Review

 Caleb turned 9 months old in July and just wants to move and go everywhere. He desperately wants to walk, says mama and now dada, likes to smack his lips to make a kiss sound, waves hello/goodbye, claps, and has 7 teeth. He is mobile with crawling, but prefers the speed of his walker. This is all happening much too quickly. 

 Summer time is meant for playing and we had tons of play time with friends and as Caleb grows the two are able to play together more and more!

 Grandma got the Summer Fun Pass again, and one Friday Daddy even got to go to the Seaquarium with us!

 We had Super Hero Sunday at church one week and Daddy and Mommy dressed up as Clark Kent and Supergirl. The kids loved it, and the people at Einsteins got a pretty big kick out of it too! We also got to spend some time at the beach with Uncle Josh and Aunt Heather and Hayden. A little bit breezy, a little bit hot, but lots of fun. Caleb also got to spend an afternoon at the park with Grandma Glenda and Connor where he got to go on his first swing ride! Big Brother got to push him too! On another exciting summer night Daddy had a wish come true with all the guys back together for a poker night!

 Another big summer happening was the launch of my Travelmation Independent Consultant page on FB. I signed my contract back before Spring Break, but finally completed all of my training and now I officially get to help plan other families' magical vacations. Couldn't be more perfect!
One fun summer day we got to spend with Sadie and Everett (and Jack) at the CBSmith Waterpark. The kids had so much fun giggling and spending time together. They are best friends and it is so wonderful that they are so close. No drama, no fighting, just lots of laughter. Connor even got to concur the big water slides. To say he was proud of himself is an understatement. You have to be able to swim to do them and he rocked it! He then cried having to say goodbye to his best friends! (So did I.)


 As teachers were starting to talk about back to school, we made the decision as a family to do something different this year. I'm kind of still pinching myself, but this year I'm staying home with my sweet boys and homeschooling Connor for Kindergarten. I get to be mom!!!

 We also got to go as a family to a Red Sox game at Marlins Park. It was Caleb's first Red Sox game and it was so much fun! Daddy also took Connor to the second game the very next night.
 In August Caleb turned 10 months old. I am constantly reminded of how lucky I am to have him. He is cruising everywhere, has 8 teeth, signs "more", loves table food, and likes to say "uh oh". Still hasn't slept through the night, but I think we have just surrendered to sleeping when they are teenagers. His laugh is infectious and it is very easy to spoil him, especially when he gives you kisses!!
 On August 24 Connor started his first day of Kindergarten here at home with A Beka curriculum. We have videos where we watch Ms. Reese teach the class and Connor and I follow along with the different subjects. It's been most interesting to watch him learn cursive. He concurs each new letter and even with trepidation learns them each time! He's a rock star!

 Week one of school over....where do we go while every one is back to their first week? Disney of course. Now that I have access to all of the best deals it's very hard not to take part. We got to stay at the magnificent Wilderness Lodge and I think I could live there. We even fit into our schedule to spend a morning/afternoon at the pool and splash pad where Uncle Josh, Aunt Heather, and Hayden met us to play. Too perfect!

 It has been a crazy few months. I feel like I am just trying to take one day at a time and survive. I began the summer as the Creative Specialist at church and now I'm the Elementary Ministry Coordinator. I'm juggling a lot and trying to make everything fit and work in my life. I've had some major mommy fails, and I doubt myself constantly. It's a lot to learn a new job and being home with both boys, It has been all hands on deck and I don't know what I would do without Daddy and Grandma Glenda. We've also had 2 trips to the ER, 2 bouts of croup, and a round of Norovirus for everyone. I keep saying "where's that break I keep trying to catch?" Deep breaths, lots of faith, and a mountain of prayer keeps me placing one foot in front of the other. Trying to give myself grace in this season and remember to place my family first, because that's why I took the year off! He-llo!

I write this on the anniversary of Grandpa Gary's passing and it's been a day of reflection. Oh what a great Grandpa he was only able to be for such a short time.I wrote this in his memory:

I think of the should haves,
I think of the could haves,
I think of the memories that would have been.
We miss our dad,
We miss our grandpa,
We miss our dear friend.
Your corny jokes,
Your joyous laughter,
Your unsolicited tidbits of advice.
A day of sorrow,
A day to remember,
A day to celebrate eternal life.
John 17:3

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