Baby K Maternity

Baby K Maternity

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Our 2 Week Summer Road Trip: Part 1 D.C.

There are moments where I look back on our 3,300 mile journey and I'm kind of impressed. I mean did we really do that? We went through 8 states and experienced more than we'll ever remember. Was it hard? Sometimes. Was it worth it? Totally!

Day 1 we put the kids in the car fast asleep, pajama clad, and left at 4:00am. Our breakfast stop was at Chick Fil A, still pajama clad, in Georgia. Caleb was ready to take over driving at that point. He just wanted to get there...
We pulled into the F's house by evening after hitting some traffic, and we were so happy to be out of the car and with our dear friends!!!
Our first full day in D.C. we went to the Dulles Air and Space museum with Aunt Katrina, Ellie, Sabrina and Uncle R. I'm not sure who was more excited.....Connor, or Daddy!!!

It may be one of my new favorite museums. It was massive but so easy to walk around. It wasn't as crowded as the Smithsonians that are in DC proper, and had a wonderful variety of airplanes. The shuttle was by far Connor's favorite, Tim got to see his P-51 Mustang, and the only thing missing was Grandpa Gary's favorite a P-38 Lightning (though it probably would have made me cry). 

 Uncle R was kind enough to let Connor go through all of his Challenge Coins and dress up like a hero. He even gave on of his own special Challenge Coins to Connor, which is now a special treasure of his that he loves to show off.
It was a blessing, and so good for my heart, to stay at the F's home. The love we have for that family is as if they were our own. I can't believe they live so far away now. Luckily, we like to travel, and I know how to get to their house without's a tad eerie.
 The next morning was Independence Day and we met the Z family at the Metro stop just outside of the city to take our circus to the Fourth of July parade. I have to say....we made those double strollers fit EVERYWHERE. There is no elevator too small, no Metro too crowded.

 We were able to get there early enough to get the kids great spots to watch and we used our strollers as barricades for the rest of the crowd. Addisyn had so much fun waving her flag the entire parade, and all of the kiddos marched along to the bands. It felt extremely safe with guards posted facing the crowd every 50 feet. We had a backdrop that consisted of the Washington Monument also. One highlight was seeing the marching band from McArthur High School (a school down here) and knowing a member of the band.

 We left the parade to do a little sight seeing and made it over to take a picture by the White House just before they closed the path off to the public, very firmly. Connor was so excited to see the White House and I'm happy our timing just worked out even after walking in a few circles.

We then made our way over to the National Museum of Natural History which was packed! We got to see fossils, hold hissing cockroaches, and see beautiful gemstones. We were able to eat lunch there in a nice quiet, air conditioned corner, and made it to every floor. Ashleigh surprised me with a beautiful Tervis as a gift to take home. I think I made a Tervis believer out of her in the process. Connor chose a pretty ammonite fossil that he got to come home with and was thrilled. 
 We then headed back into the Metro to make our way to the Iwo Jima Memorial to watch the fire works.

 So it may have been a tad muddy, ok, people were playing mud football, but we were able to lay down the ponchos we picked up that morning in a rain storm and sit on those to watch the display.

 The fire works blasted picture perfectly above the Lincoln and Washington Memorials. When it was all over we headed back towards the Metro with the masses. Don't worry, after a few tight elevator squeezes, carrying down flights of stairs, and pushing ourselves into position, we got the double strollers onto Public Transportation.....just as Connor said he had to go potty. That makes for an interesting story of complete strangers trying to help Connor forget his woes and telling jokes and playing games. The kid was a champ and made it all the way to our stop (the last one on the line) without an accident. Sweet relief was achieved as soon as we got out........

The next day after having spent the previous day walking our Independence off we had a fun pool day with both the F and Z families. Lots of splashing, laughter, and cooling off. The pool was freezing (yes I hopped in) but the kids didn't seem to mind. 

We also all went to Effie's to get ice cream. I love that both families, that had not previously known each other, have now made a connection. Especially because they have such sweet little girls that all get along so well. 
The next morning we got to do an amazing tour of Langley, which feels like a once in a lifetime opportunity, and was. It was very hard for this shutter bug to have to leave all electronics in the car. No pictures for me. My saying of the day was "mental shot"! We did get great souvenirs and then went back to the Z's house to get ready for our baseball evening.

When in DC, and as baseball fans, one has to hit a Nationals game. Parking was a little far, and it kept threatening to rain, but we made it to the stadium and got to see a game. We all survived past bedtime and Connor had fun sharing his cotton candy with everyone. It was officially Caleb's first baseball game, and it will be remembered. The girls did great and it was so special to have been able to stay at the Z's home. We've been friends for so long, and it is so wonderful that our children can now play together as well. Addisyn and Connor are such a good match for each other, and I would happily take little Avery home with me any time!

(Connor wanted a picture in front of the "C" sign.)

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