Baby K Maternity

Baby K Maternity

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Second Place Red Sox

 Oh Tball! How you have become such an ingrained part of our lives. I have a love hate relationship with it though because it is edge of your seat excitement and nerves all rolled into one. Connor's final game of the season put them into a great spot for the playoffs. By then we were practically living at the fields with a double header one day.

 We found our pack of fans liked to sit under the shade tree near third base to enjoy the shade and more comfortable seating. Caleb had fun playing on the picnic blanket during games, and Grandma made sure she was at every game too. Connor perked up every time Papa was there.

 I had mixed feelings going into their last game because you always want them to win and do their best. I also wanted him to lose because that way he would be at the awards ceremony and get his trophy with everyone else. If they won he would have to miss it because we were heading to Disney. We had our game faces on none the less, supporting player number 5!!!

 They ended up losing to the Giants, who rightfully had an incredibly stacked team. Connor played so well, and always enjoys making it on base and all the way to home!

 I am so incredibly proud of how hard Connor played this season. It was his first time playing real T-Ball and he did great. He was also the youngest on his team and still was able to keep up. I can't wait to see how he grows into a great player. He had great coaches who practiced on technique and learning the rules of the game, and even let Daddy stand in whenever he could. I know it was hard to always get motivated to come home from school and head to a game, or wake up early on Saturdays and play in the hot sun, but he did it! I'm thankful for Grandma, Papa, and Kaitlyn who also made Connor feel so special by having a great cheering section. "Run, Dash, Run!!!" was the greatest thing to hear, and even caught on with the other parents! I can't wait for another season and a new team in the fall.

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