Baby K Maternity

Baby K Maternity

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Caleb's First Christmas

I realize that it's technically the new year but I have two kids now, and in the process of living life (and a surprise birthday party) I am just now having the opportunity to sit down and write about the most epic Christmas ever!

 We started off Christmas break (because yes I did go back to work the two days before school was out and cried those two days) with a quick trip up to the Dis per tradition. To make the trip even better we stopped by to see the boys new cousin Hayden de Rose! He is beautiful and yummy, and I cannot wait for our boys to grow up together and the adventures to come in the future. I'm already planning family vacations. I see camping, and hiking, and fishing, and lots of fun, and I'm sure a fart joke here or there (but I'll pretend to not hear them, they are boys after all).

 Caleb turned 2 months old on the 23rd and by Christmas day he was 9 weeks old. He is growing and changing daily! People cannot get over how strong he is, and he is really trying to hold his head up and even stand on his two feet. He coos and talks and smiles just to charm the socks off of you. The nurse the other day commented about how handsome he was while he was flirting with her. She said won't need to flirt because he's so cute. He's cool that's for sure, and the C-word never entered our front door. Yes, we see bouts of reflux, and we've gone through bottles of little tummies because he hates the liquid zantaq, but this is nothing compared to Connor. With all the cooing he does I tell people we're working on "Mama" next! Though I think my super power is making clones, their temperaments are night and day. He also decided to sleep through his 3am feeding a few days before Christmas and that was the best present ever!!

Our church this year decided to have a family Christmas Eve service, called Jingle Jam, and the whole family participated in some way. Rehearsals started at 3pm and it forced me to rethink the supper I make for all of us. I set the table the night before with all of our pretty dishes and crystal, and then once we got home from service.....Tim grilled up some hamburgers!!! Yum-o and easy! Toasted pretzel buns were a must, and it turned out great.

 Dear Santa,
These coo
kies are
for you.
Thank you
for bringi
ng my prese
Love, Connor

 Santa came to our house! Connor was thrilled, Caleb was awake, and Daddy and I couldn't have enjoyed it any more than we did. Connor really was excited over "Santa" this year, but equally as in awe of baby Jesus. It was so neat to see both. The excitement and the reverence. We hung a special Santa key on the front door because we don't have a chimney and evidently it worked! He even ate the cookies we left out for him, and one of the reindeer, maybe Blitzen, dropped a carrot outside.

 This was the present Connor purchased for Caleb and then wrapped himself.

Caleb was next to me Christmas morning and giggled and cooed the entire time. It was so precious to hear his sounds combined with the pure joy exuding from Connor. Of course Caleb got presents because a lot of life is going to happen between now and next Christmas that would warrant toys for growth and fun. Connor helped him open each one, and by that I mean Connor opened all of them plus his own. It really was a win win.

 These are the gifts Connor purchased for us from his Holiday Boutique at school. A baseball key chain for Daddy, and a purse mirror for me. Perfect!

 Grandma's house is just as amazing on Christmas morning. Connor was excited to open more presents and Caleb was content to be Santa's Little Helper....or sleep.

 I loved that Grandma Glenda used the stocking we brought back from Disneyland Paris for Caleb's stocking. It was a great little detail of the day!

 I would have to say the present that brought the most joy and excitement Christmas morning was the Corvette from Papa that matched his. Connor really wanted a car that he could sit in a drive, and this couldn't have fit the bill any better. It even has a way to open up the throttle and the little speed demon was going 6 mph up and down the street. He's gotten so good at it over the past week that he does tricks and peels out and drifts all over the sidewalk and driveway.

 We took our annual picture with Santa and even had an awesome silly string fight in the front yard. Every box and present was opened and enjoyed. That's what makes the day so fun! Grandma Glenda got us beautiful leather couches that were delivered to our house one surprising morning the week of. They are amazing, and poor Roxy is not allowed near them...
It really was the best Christmas ever, and I can only imagine how it will be next year. I continue to feel so blessed by the Lord, and I know that 2015 will have it's own adventures and surprises, and the wonderful thing is I know Who is in control.

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