Baby K Maternity

Baby K Maternity

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Lots of "Firsts"

It has to be the season of life we are in right now. It's typical when you have a new baby. Everything is a "first". This past weekend our household encountered many firsts and all of them were very special. 
 Caleb's First trip to Disney World. In our family that's a milestone and we hit Hollywood Studios first.

 Mommy's First time riding Tower of Terror with the brave Connor boy, though his first time was earlier in the year while I was pregnant with Caleb (here). He was so excited when it was finished and kept saying "I did it! I did it!" "That was fun!" Upon asking him if he wanted to do it again though, he said "in five years."

 Caleb's First time seeing the lights!

 Caleb's First time encountering "Grandpa Claus"/"Christmas Claus". Santa of course was smitten with our tiny bundle and said our 5 week old certainly set a new record for him. After our pictures with him he wanted a better look at our guy and held him for quite some time more....Connor of course was right by his side showing off his little brother. He won't let him out of his sight. Super protective.

 First time riding in the front of the Mine Train, and Connor had his hands up the entire ride, BOTH times!!!

 Caleb's First Thanksgiving, which we celebrated with a delicious meal at Nine Dragons in China at Epcot. Super traditional!

 First time eating at the Grand Floridian with this crew. I had the most delicious sandwich of my life....I may have told the table I would eat it for every meal the rest of my life.

Connor's First time singing a solo on stage in front of 1,000+ people. His "Happy Birthday Jesus" debut took place for the Sunday matinee and he nailed it!!!! I may have bawled my eyes out the entire time I watched him. I just am in complete awe of his stage presence for a newly 4 year old, and how great his little voice sounded. His hours of practicing truly paid off. He has no clue what a big deal it is.

 Caleb's First time on stage. He's following in his big brother's footsteps as baby Jesus and doing a great job. He was on stage 4 times last week, and is scheduled for a bunch of performances this weekend.

 The "Happy Birthday Jesus" boy, and baby Jesus are brothers. I don't know if that's a first, but come on, that made me cry the first time it dawned on me. It doesn't get more special than that!

 It's was also Caleb's first time meeting his Uncle Casey this weekend, and it was perfect because Casey got to watch the boys perform as well. Great Grandpa and Grandma Guise also were in the audience to cheer on our littles. The whole thing has been surreal.

Connor has been battling a virus that broke him out into hives last night (another first) and we are praying for a quick recovery so he is ready for this weekend. His fever stays right around 100 and I'm ready for that to be over!! Poor buddy!! I'm worried about Caleb who hasn't been vaccinated yet, and who is a magnet for Connor's hands and kisses.

We did a lot this weekend including family Christmas pictures and picking out our tree. Life is going by quickly and I'm desperately trying to slow it down......and find time to sleep when they do, or when Grandma Glenda is around.

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