Baby K Maternity

Baby K Maternity

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Yee-Haw: Connor the Kid is 4

 Last Saturday started out as a beautiful morning, perfect for a special little boy's 4th birthday! As soon as he awoke, Connor was out of his bedroom screaming "I'm 4! I'm 4! I'm 4!" I'm sure he was excited about his party too, since he has been telling everyone from the cashier at Publix to all of his friends about his cowboy party, bu at that moment he was just excited to finally be four years old! We of course decorated the hallway and his door opening with streamers and balloons like last year, and the little man was having fun playing with all of it. Daddy and I then were up and at 'em to start putting all of the things for his fun party together. Uncle Casey made another awesome invitation this year, and even made me some others signs to use with the games and activities.

 We had cowboy hats, scarves, sheriff badges, and ponies for all of the kids that were coming to the party. The menu was simple and I got the idea off of pinterest of course. There was no way we were going crazy with food considering how close it is to Caleb being here.

The kids had fun panning for gold, roping the mustang, and especially shooting the tin cans. I'm not sure what was the biggest hit, but I saw all of the areas occupied very consistently. 

 The backyard in all of its glory before the sun was high in the sky!
I had also purchased masks and wanted posters for a photobooth aread. I cut out the middles of the posters and used spray adhesive to attach them to cardboard. They were perfect! My school just recycled them for their Fall Harvest photo area.
 We had to include Caleb in his big brother's birthday!

 Of course the main event was the ponies!!!! When you ask Connor what his favorite part of the whole day was, he will tell you how much fun the ponies were. The company that we hired was wonderful and really made Connor feel super special. He rode over and over again, including the first and last ride of the day. They allowed him to lead himself with the rope, and even let him feed the ponies watermelon by hand. Connor was on cloud nine!

 It was a special day for Connor boy, and made even more so by the people who were there. Even Uncle Casey flew home! There were about 12 kids who came, and the giggles and fun spilling out of our backyard was a great sound!

 It was a tad on the sunny side to say the least. Ok, maybe it got a little warm. Ok, maybe everyone was finding the closest form of shade, but it didn't seem to deter the kids from running all over the place and having a blast.

 I designed his pull apart cupcake cake with Publix, and wasn't really sure what I was going to get, but Connor was happy with his horseshoe cake. The kids also had a blast taking turns hitting the boot pinata and they sat around on the bales of hay under the shade umbrellas to open up presents.

 After the guests went home we moved inside to open the family presents. Connor was beyond ecstatic with all of his gifts from friends and family alike. We had a present explosion in our living room for the past week, and we are only now starting to find places for everything.

 We spent the evening at Chuck E. Cheese and even the big kids had fun trying to make the most tickets off of just one token.

I cannot believe my little baby boy is now a big 4 year old. The time has flown by and I am in even more awe that we are preparing to do it all over again. Connor is going to be such a great big brother. I can't wait to see these two grow up together. I pray for their relationship daily, and I know our family is going to be blessed by these two, it already has been.

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