Baby K Maternity

Baby K Maternity

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Happy Birthday 10/23/14

I am finally sitting down to write this October 28, which was Caleb's exact due date. I cannot believe 5 days have gone by since his birth day. 
Thursday, October 23, 2014 was a very early morning for Mommy and Daddy. Our alarms rang at 4:30am and we were checking into the hospital at 5:30am. Being induced with Connor gave us a little bit more of an idea of how the day would progress. I had incredible nurses and they started the pitocin at 6:45am after getting me all settled in Labor and Delivery room 4. I was lucky to have already come into the hospital at 3 cm dilated and 80% effaced. Around 9:00am  I had my water broken which was a little traumatic and completely different from with Connor (resulting in scratches on Caleb's head), but I also knew it would move things along. Boy did they move things along. Contractions are no joke! I really thought I would attempt to do this as naturally as possible, but being induced gives your body no room to progress naturally into things. By 9:45am I was ready for the epidural, which was interesting because I was having major contractions during the entire procedure. Around 11:00am I had a major drop in blood pressure, something they call the epidural blues. I have low blood pressure to begin with but when I started slurring my words I knew something was wrong and told Tim to check my reading, at that point it was 81/57. After more low readings the nurses put me on oxygen and gave me medicine to help my heart out. At about this time Connor made it to the hospital and I had to have the mask on over my face. I'm not sure that sat with him very well. I also had to spend my time laying on my left side. They attempted to roll me to the right so I wouldn't stay in the same position too long, but Caleb didn't respond well to that and back the left side I went.

Around 2:20pm I started feeling pressure much lower than my other contractions had felt. I told the nurse who decided to check things out. Sure enough, Caleb's head was discovered right away, and she ran off to find Dr. Suidmak who was in surgery there at the hospital already. He whisked in, put on his scrubs, instructed Tim to grab a leg, the nurse grabbed my other leg, and two pushes later at 2:37pm Caleb Guise Petersen entered the world. They placed all 7 pounds 10 ounces and 19 inches right on my chest and my heart fell in love with one more boy. After they cleaned him up I got a good solid hour of skin to skin with my little one.

Big Brother Connor has been smitten since he knew I was pregnant and had been anxiously awaiting the arrival of his little brother. When we spoke to him that morning before school his very first question was whether Caleb was there yet. The above picture is when he first met his new best friend. He still can't get enough. He wants to look at him, talk to him, touch him, and be involved with everything all the time. 

This cheering section was amazing and everyone helped make the day flow so smoothly.

Daddy also got special new footprints added to his Father's Day shirt, and it has been an object of pride since.
Caleb certainly looks like his Daddy, and yet there are moments he looks just like brand new Connor too. I can't wait to see how he changes over the next year and finds his look. He is absolutely beautiful.

After spending some time under the warmer to regulate his temperature everyone finally got a chance to hold him. Caleb had his eyes open and was taking everything in the entire time. Daddy got to hold him first, then grandma, though Connor immediately started to protest that it was his turn. So he was third, and Aunt Kaitlyn was fourth.

Boy did Connor love holding his little brother. Almost immediately he broke into "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" and sang with such love and sweetness that the whole room stopped. Caleb perks up whenever he hears his big brother, even now Connor's singing will immediately soothe him. There is a bond for sure. When Connor was done he asked politely for someone to take the baby, and has continued to do the same thing each day when he holds him. I don't have to worry about a baby being thrown to the floor when the older sibling is "done". That's awesome!

I had to spend a little more time in L & D than expected because the epidural had pooled in my left leg and I didn't come out of it for a long time. I actually had to see the anesthesiologist 2 more times before they released me to a room. Caleb was awake and alert even during transport and was really taking it all in. I had an awesome private room on the 8th floor with a great view of our neighborhood, and were able to show Caleb where he was going to live before we were ever released to go home. It was an amazing first day. He latched well, and I was lucky I didn't have problems starting out this time around. Though no one had prepared me for the crazy contractions that come along with nursing your second child. Really, someone needed to warn me. Thank goodness for percocet. Connor spent a good portion of the day with us and I am so blessed that Grandma Glenda could then take him to her house for bed time, or to him, a special sleepover with Aunt Kaitlyn. When it was just Daddy, Mommy, and Caleb left in the room we couldn't believe our new little one was here. He is such a sweet and quiet boy, and yes, even slept during the night only waking to feed. Did you hear that? He slept!!!!! HE. SLEPT. What a great Birth Day!

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