Baby K Maternity

Baby K Maternity

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Saturday Showers and Sunday Sprinkles

Last Sunday was the Baby Shower for Aunt Heather and baby Hayden! So excited for this little cousin to come a long and join the family!!!! It was so special because it was held down here and not only was the Allen family well represented but so was the de Rose clan. It was so neat to see lots of Sheridan Hills faces and hug some necks that hadn't been hugged in a long time.

 Grandma, Aunt Carla, and Aunt Andrea did a wonderful job putting such a memorable shower together. The decorations were beautiful, they even reused the ribbon balls that were made for Aunt Heather's bridal shower! The games were a blast, and between Grandma Glenda and I, we swept the room! I didn't win the gorgeous wreath though! Baby Hayden was showered with so many wonderful and lovely things. He's going to be set when he gets here!

 Bestie Bumps!!! We can't help but take these pictures every chance we get! It's not every day you get to share this special time with your bestie!

 The next day, Sunday, was my "Sprinkle" for Baby Caleb. Grandma Glenda decided to put a little something together just to make this time special. I didn't need a full blown shower because I kept everything we got/had from Connor, so a "sprinkle" was perfect.

 It was sweet to get some NEW things though that will be just for Caleb, and the bottles and outfits were a wonderful surprise. The main gifts were diapers of all sizes and wipes. No running to the drug store in the middle of the night for those. I think we are set!! Great Aunt Carol also blessed us generously to get the stroller Connor and Caleb will share. It was so sweet to even get things from loved ones who weren't able to be there physically.

 The four preggos at the sprinkle were certainly a sight! Joy and I are only a week and half apart....the same with Connor and Isla. We're on the same life path!

 Grandma Glenda sewed a sweet little crib quilt for Caleb that is made of minky and flannel elephant fabrics. Aunt Katrina surprised me with a gorgeous full sized quilt she sent from Virginia. I was floored. It is amazing, and all the ladies had to get out of their seats to come up and touch it and look at it closer. What a special keepsake! What a special friend!

 Grandma Glenda came up with fun games for everyone to play from baby trivia, to guessing how big around my belly is with yarn. There was lots of laughter and fun!


 Aunt Laura made a gorgeous cake that tasted as good as it looked. She also made her famous cupcake truffles and Grandma made a ton of other "sprinkle" inspired yummies including pretzel sticks, strawberries, and rice crispy treats. Ice cream sundaes were even made!


 I could not be more blessed and grateful for the special ladies that spent their afternoon with me for baby Caleb. Since so many dear friends have moved away within the past few years it was a little sad not having them there but those who were able to come made it so special and so full of love. What a great afternoon!

 This was the awesome invitation that Uncle Casey made for the special occasion! I LOVE it!

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