Baby K Maternity

Baby K Maternity

Saturday, August 23, 2014

First Week of Pre-K

 Well it happened. I let go of my sweet boy's hand and allowed him to walk into the big boy world of school. We had been preparing Connor all summer for the first day of school! He knew it was going to be an early morning, he knew he would be taking special pictures, and he knew he would be seeing his teacher and making new friends. Sunday night was probably the worst night of sleep of the entire summer. He was up about every hour. Daddy and I were exhausted, and on Monday morning, the day we had been so excited for, Connor was cranky! I mean, wouldn't get out of bed, lots of tears, cranky.

I bribed him with marshmallows and I am not ashamed.

 For me to be able to make it to my school for the opening of school we had to get to his school before his teacher was even there. We were able to see the class and we were lucky enough that Grandma and Papa came too and kept him until his teacher Ms. Faggans made it to class. They made his morning so special even though I couldn't be there. I let myself cry on the way to my school.

 He had a wonderful first day! I knew he would! He was most excited about having played on the playground! As the week progressed I got new stories about the new and fun things he got to do at school that day. One day they couldn't go to the playground because of rain, but they did bubbles instead, and it was just as great! From painting to playdough he thinks school is awesome. He comes home to Grandma's and spends the rest of the afternoon in the pool. The kid has it made!
 By Friday we were still all smiles and I got the green light that Connor will be staying and to go ahead and purchase the uniforms for school! He got to wear the school Spirit Shirt along with the rest of the campus and he thought he was so cool! They also played with a class set of tricycles to which he told me he beat the rest of the class at racing. No surprise there. He is flourishing and I love it!

On the first day of school I may have pushed it a little too hard and fell at my school, hard. I honestly went to switch directions walking, and literally lost my balance, crashed to the floor, and sent a shoe flying. My pride was hurt before the rest of my body felt anything. Thankfully no one was around to see the spill. By the end of the day my back was spasming out of control and I was getting nervous about Caleb. This resulted in paperwork and then a total of 6+ hours of doctor's and ER visits. After many tests and being monitored they decided that Caleb was fine. We got to experience a wonderful sonogram where we could see him sucking his little fingers. It was so clear we watched as his tongue worked back and forth while he sucked. It was surreal, and we have no evidence of it since both of our phones had died at this point. It was a long stressful evening with no food, and I felt like I had ruined the first day of school since we had wanted to do special things with Connor at home. I am blessed because he has the world's best Grandma who took him and Aunt Kaitlyn to Steak and Shake and even brought him home, put him in his pajamas, and was fast asleep before we even got home. By Tuesday morning I really felt like I was hit by a truck and went to work regardless of what my OB had told me. I couldn't walk right, I couldn't bend, and was so sore. By Wednesday I knew I needed to rest my body. My OB put me on bed rest, and I spent Thursday and Friday moving from one bed, to another, to the couch at mom's house. I was well taken care of, and even got a prenatal massage this morning that Daddy scheduled for me. I think I'm finally ready to go back to work Monday morning, but I have a slew of doctor appointments scheduled for this coming week as well. I just hate the fuss.

 I had my 30 week appointment yesterday and I'm measuring right on track, which is great! I guess things have evened out! I feel large, and get very uncomfortable if I lay in certain positions for too long. Caleb has been getting "a case of the hiccups" (as Connor calls it) pretty regularly and it always seems to happen right as I am trying to fall asleep. I now count hiccups instead of sheep! Ha! Based on my last cardiologist appointment my OB said we will be scheduling my induction for 39 weeks, and I guess we will be picking a date in the near future. Wow! It's happening!

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