Baby K Maternity

Baby K Maternity

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

California Adventure 2014

"One more with one!"

We had many great adventures to close out July. We spent quality time with friends, bumped heads at Funderdome, learned to swim, and said "see you soon" to loved ones. I think we try our very best to live up every day we have together, and make every day special. For a while now Connor had been asking to go to "Disneyland California" because of a great commercial they released for a Lego special they had at their Downtown Disney featuring a life size Buckey. After crunching numbers and finding a great deal we made it work! Hence our "one more with one" special trip for our only child. Fast forward to the Wednesday before we left, and Connor with over a hundred degree fever, and I started to freak out. I rushed him to the doctor Thursday when he wasn't any better and was felt more prepared boarding the plane with a bag full of meds for my little sicky.
From MIA to LAX we had a great non-stop flight complete with individual screens to watch movies to our heart's content. Connor was great! I was slightly uncomfortable with Caleb tucked under my ribs for most of the trip, but I think my excitement helped me ignore that. After renting our car our first stop was the In-N-Out Burger right next to the airport. It was a special request by daddy, and both of my guys were on cloud nine watching each plane come in to land. They literally were flying right over our heads. I enjoyed it too!

Before heading to Anaheim and Downtown Disney we stopped at the Observatory and got our obligatory picture with the Hollywood Sign. We got to climb all over the observatory and Connor thought the telescope was so cool he had to take a picture of it himself. We left Hollywood and raced our diminishing phone batteries to find our hotel near the parks. Thankfully we both lost battery power as we were pulling in to the parking lot. We checked in and made a bee-line for Buckey, and to say Connor was excited is an understatement. Spoiler Alert: Buckey was not there and never was. Upon arriving at the Lego store and asking employees where to go we found that the commercial was a little misleading. One employee says they get phone calls about it all the time and feels really bad about it. Evidently they only brought the ship in the day they filmed the commercial and busted bubbles for pirate children everywhere. I may have teared up a bit seeing the disappointment in Connor's face. He came away with a consolation prize though, and we found a restaurant to put together his very own Buckey set.
Saturday morning Connor woke us up at 6am announcing that the "sun was up"! We medicated the little one, and headed to Disney California Adventure.
As daddy got in line for the fast passes for Radiator Springs Racers we were lucky enough to spot Mickey walking around the boulevard. Connor was thrilled! It was almost the same place we spotted him when we came for Connor's second birthday.

There were so few people in the parks that our fast passes came up very quickly. We could have easily stood in the normal line but before heading to the ride at our time we walked straight on Soarin' or "the airplane ride". The Racers are just like Test Track and even though Connor wasn't sure at first he LOVED it! He asked to do it again, and we immediately went back for more fast passes. 

We headed over to Paradise Pier to enjoy all of the festive rides along the water, of course we stopped to see Donald first. Connor had fun on the Ferris Wheel with daddy, scored big points on Toy Story Mania, and even rode the giant swing twice, once with mommy then with daddy. We did absolutely every ride he was tall enough to do on the pier, and because the waits weren't long we did some of them again. I'm still shocked with how we lucked out. 
We hit Radiator Springs again and did all of the Connor rides there, including the Racers again. Then headed to the Bugs Life area while daddy walked on to the Tower of Terror. We even got to watch the Aladdin show and spent a great 45 minutes in the air conditioned theater. Connor went on the Little Mermaid ride twice and we all had fun climbing around the Redwood Trail playground.

Our bodies were still trying to adjust to the time change but we desperately wanted to stay long enough to watch all of the lights come on around the park. We got our lights and even got to see both Mater and Lightning before heading out at the late late hour of 9pm. Listen, we were tired!!!

We ended our night on an epic walking tour back to the parking lot. Connor fell asleep in the stroller and we got to watch the fire works on our walk. I am so glad we brought the stroller. Our sick one didn't feel much like walking and he was able to rest when he needed to. He wanted to be held all the time, and my heart just broke for him. Slushy apple juice did seem to perk him up though. By the end of the night Tim's fitbit said we had walked 17,000 steps and I think my feet felt all of them. Surprisingly my feet never did swell, but man did they hurt the next day, and we still had Disneyland to walk! Connor slept like a log and so did mommy and daddy!

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