Baby K Maternity

Baby K Maternity

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Juneski in Review

June came and went like a flash! I am amazed that it is over already, but looking back we really have been doing so much. I have loved my time being home with Connor and planning different activities for him to do with friends during the week. Noah, Logan, Maelee, Sadie, and Everett are the crew for summer fun, and he has been loving every moment of it. He's also gotten to play a lot with our neighbor Jordan, and he looks for him every time we leave the house.

This compares my 20 week mark with Connor on the left, and Caleb on the right. 

June also held many celebrations. Papa had a birthday (of which Connor got to help blow out all of the candles), I hit and then passed the 20 week mark, and Aunt Arielle celebrated her first 29th Birthday. Connor has enjoyed all of the cake and ice cream. According to his Big Brother book, which he has memorized, "big brothers eat cupcakes" and he reminds us of such all of the time.

Father's Day was a fun day to celebrate Daddy, and Connor made him 3 new shirts this year. Daddy of course loved his handprint t-shirts but was really impressed by the shirt Connor painted him. He wears them all with pride. We've also had fun at the Plantation splash pad and going bowling. We can't even mention the "B" word or we are in for some serious begging. He loves to bowl and gets better and better every time he goes. Though his heart is still with playing golf with daddy in the evenings. It's their special time together.

 Our Patriotic Service at church was this past Sunday and of course they went over and above. I was so happy that Aunt Merilee was able to come along, and we loved having her down for some quality time while she celebrated her High School Reunion. Connor actually sat through his very first "Big Church" service and did great!

I feel Caleb all the time now and everyone else has gotten to experience his bumps and kicks as well. He is very very strong! I feel my belly growing, and the aches are starting to set in. We've also been working really hard around the house and that probably has something to do with it. We have officially listed our house and we're just going to see what happens. We may just be bringing baby Caleb home to a new home. Wow! Big changes ahead and it's all in the Lord's hands!

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