Baby K Maternity

Baby K Maternity

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A City Boy in the Country: VA Part 2

"A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden" Matthew 5:14
 Tuesday morning we woke up, packed up the car, closed up the house and started our trek north to Virginia. We made a pit stop at the Rainer's house in Raleigh, NC and it was such a nice visit. We got to see their lovely home, enjoyed a tour of Southeastern, grabbed dinner, and even stopped for some yummy ice cream. The boys had fun together to be sure, I just hate how far away they live now. We miss them terribly!! We made it to Uncle Casey's around 10pm and Connor knew just where to cuddle up to rest. Casey and his mini-me were reunited at last!

 Wednesday was a wonderful day of relaxation and taking it easy. I did have to take my 24 week picture with Caleb. (Today I hit 26 weeks and I can't believe it. This is going very quickly!!) We also got to take a tour of some of the new construction around campus and were in awe of how far LU has come and how much it has grown. Uncle Casey has a pretty cool job there too!!

 Connor equates Virginia with sledding and had been begging for weeks to go back to the Snowflex to go down his big hills. He was able to pull the big tubes by himself this time while dad helped him get to the different ramps. I was lucky to have some quality time with Aunt Hil and my heart was so happy. I wish I could have seen JC too! It was a tad hot, but we found shade and got to listen to Connor's squeals of joy as he came down the hill each time.   

That evening we made a special trip to one of our favorite little spots. While Daddy and I were at school at LU we used to take picnics up to Peaks of Otter to watch the sun set and see the deer come out. I couldn't wait to take Connor. I knew he would just love it! We picked up our Sheetz subs, and made our way to our place. 
After we ate we decided to take the path that leads around the lake. We made sure we had a bag of carrots too! Uncle Casey spotted the first doe up in the woods and we walked parallel to it for a while. Connor kept trying to throw carrots at it, but she wasn't very interested and I didn't want him to waste them all. It was still a special experience though. 

 We came out into a clearing on the other side of the lake and found this pretty doe. She was certainly interested in the carrots, and I'm pretty sure Connor threw every last one we had at her, but she never ate any of them. When she was ready to move on, and we weren't interesting to her anymore we walked around the grass and picked up the carrots Connor had so enthusiastically tossed.

I'm glad we grabbed the tossed carrots because one more doe was in store for us up by the road. She came running when she heard us opening the bag, and she very happily crunched on the treats we gave her. She was sweet, and we got to spend a good amount of time with her until another (loud) family came up behind us and scared her away. Can you imagine? We were not the "loud" family?? I know. Shocked! But Connor did such a good job being calm, patient, and quiet, and I can do those things too sometimes.... 
 Connor made a butterfly friend on the way back to our car, and God delivered a gorgeous sunset  for us to enjoy as we completed the circle around the lake. Connor even left a pile of his remaining carrots for any other deer that might come by after we left. He and daddy had to find the perfect spot.

Friday was park day and we had fun throwing rocks in the river on Percival Island, and then cooling off at the splashpad in Rivermont. Percival Island was so neat because you cross this big bridge over the James River and arrive in the woods. We even spotted deer tracks down by the river, but sadly we didn't find any buried treasure. I found a perch up on a fallen tree log while daddy and Connor played by the water. It was serene and peaceful. The splashpad was fun once Connor found the courage to stand under the filled bucket of water that would tilt down gallons of water on his head. We ate dinner at Waterstone Pizza al fresco and enjoyed the outside patio and even watched a few trains pass by. Connor was thrilled and so was my belly.

Saturday, our last day, was Daddy's birthday!!!! We got fresh local doughnuts for breakfast, played mini golf, and lunched at Cook Out before our afternoon movie. Daddy got to really choose what he wanted to do, but I think Connor swayed him to play mini golf. There may have been tears and a pouty lip. 

For dinner we went to Depot Grille and had a lovely time. It used to be an actual train depot and is situated right next to the tracks. Yes, we got to watch more trains at dinner! The food was delicious, and Daddy even got to blow out a candle with the help of his little buddy.  

 Couldn't resist a photo op even if it did involve getting grease all over us!

 We opened presents back at Uncle Casey's house and Daddy loved all of his presents! We tend to always be somewhere on his birthday and I'm excited to see where that will be next year. Uncle Casey did have to work while we were there, but we were able to spend our evenings doing special things together, and it was so nice to be able to stay at his house. It felt like being at my own home and he was so nice to let us just spread out. Connor loved his time with Uncle Casey and even would sit and read books to him. They are buds! I can't believe he lives 1,000 miles away, but the good news is we can always visit. 

It was interesting going on a big road trip so pregnant but we had a lot of fun. Caleb likes to wiggle and squirm and would find his way right under my ribs when we were in the car for hours. I only got dizzy a few times on the trip, and no migraines so that was great! It was a nice way to spend our summer vacation this year. Nothing crazy but truly special!!! I can't wait to take both C-boys to LU!!!

We put our house on the market just before leaving on our trip, so life is really about to change. I think I'm ready, but I'm sure I have no idea!!!

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