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Baby K Maternity

Sunday, April 13, 2014


February 25, 2014
After months and months of fertility treatments it has finally happened on its own. I cannot believe it. I'm still in complete and utter shock. Beginning in June I started the journey of trying to conceive baby number 2. I'm thankful and lucky that I have a wonderful fertility specialist, but after months of clomed, and shots, it wasn't working. At one point I released 3 follicles and not one of them fertilized. It was hard, and heart breaking, and we decided to take a break from the treatments after my October cycle was unsuccessful. At this point I had been going to the doctor once a week, sometimes three times a week, since July. I was tired, and wanted a break from all of the poking and prodding. The doctor suggested that our next step be IUI, and I asked to wait for summer vacation so I could be relaxed and ready. In the meantime I had downloaded apps on my phone to attempt to track my cycle, which is irregular because of my PCOS, and attempt to try it on our own until the summer. Through this whole journey I knew it would have to be in the Lord's timing. There was a reason it wasn't working, and I just needed to be patient and rest in the fact the God had a plan. Fast forward to February when something just wasn't right. I wasn't feeling well, I was having weird dreams, and I was extremely emotional (yes, even more than usual). I took one test and it came back negative, ok fine, on with the usual. Then 4 days later Tim prompted me to take another test. This time it came back positive. No there was no cute way to give the news to Tim, we've been on this road together, and we've shared the ups and downs along the way. I came racing out to where he was in the living room and he got up, grabbed me into a hug, and I just cried. I just kept thinking, "we did it!" 

I wasn't quite sure where to proceed from here. I had been seeing a specialist, and I know I'm a unique case so my first inclination was to call my fertility doctor. I talked to the person on the phone, they kept telling me congratulations, and I kept telling them "no, no, I'm not sure. One test was negative and now this is positive." They made me an appointment the very next day, Thursday Feb. 20, and praise the Lord everything was confirmed. I had an ultrasound, and already have my sweet baby's picture, and a blood test to verify that yes I'm pregnant. They sent it away also to monitor my levels and make sure they are going in the right direction. My doctor did prescribe me progesterone because my levels tend to drop in that area, so I'm back on track and ready ride this wild ride.

Tim and I drove to my mom's house immediately and I was able to talk on the phone to Connor who I got to go stand by the front door. As we walked in I handed him the "pictures" and told him to go take them to Grandma. First of all she was shocked to see us in the middle of the day, then as she grasped what was happening, we all cried some more together. What an answer to prayer. God is so good, and He provides in His own ways when He knows it's best for us. I'm still trying to take it all in. It's really happening.

We've already started to prep Big Brother Connor, and he is finally excited to have a sibling. He keeps saying little sister, which we attempt to explain to him might not be the case. But the fact that he's no longer saying "Just Connor" is a step in the right direction. He is going to be the best big brother any kid could ask for!

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