Baby K Maternity

Baby K Maternity

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Spring Break 2014

I was so excited to be able to start my Spring Break early due to a Teacher Planning Day and a perfectly timed Opt Day. I was ready! We spent Friday together as our little family, and even got to have a lunch/brunch at Chick Fil A with Daddy that meant a lot to all of us. Saturday saw the beginning of our adventure and we piled into Grandma's minivan and headed to the happy place.

We spent Saturday and Sunday at Hollywood Studios, Magic Kingdom, and Animal Kingdom. Connor got to experience another milestone big boy ride on Star Tours that he wasn't too sure about upon entering, but afterwards thought it was fun. It was definitely more crowded than two weeks before, but that was to be expected, and we just rolled with it. We're trying to get used to the new fast pass (Magic+) system but I have to say I think Disney took a great thing and ruined it. My honest opinion is they need to reevaluate this new concept because it is not better than what we used to have. It's worse. We had fun regardless and we even got Daddy to the airport in time to make his flight to head back home while we headed north. It was sad to say goodbye even though we knew we were going to see him again in a few days.

Monday we spent the day driving from Orlando to Greensboro to see Cousins Megan, Lindsey, and of course Zander who is getting so big, (Zack and Boomer, we loved seeing you too!). We got to eat dinner together, catch up, the boys played cars together, and we finally got to see Boomer and Lindsey's home. Megan was so sweet to let us crash at her house that evening even though they were waking up early for work the next day. It is always so special to spend time together, nothing will ever replace the bond of family, and we're so lucky to have the one we do. The next morning Zack made us a delicious breakfast and we headed out on the rest of our drive to Lynchburg.

We noticed the flurries pretty early, which quickly changed into real snowflakes falling silently to the ground. It was a little nerve wracking for us Floridians to drive in, but Grandma did a great job and we made it safely to Lynchburg with only one harried potty emergency. 

Of course once we got to Lynchburg we wanted to play in the snow but that came after a quick birthday lunch with Uncle Casey at Macados. We attempted to first start our play while it was still snowing just nearby our hotel. That wasn't too much fun, just cold. We decided to bide our time and after nap time ventured back out into the white wilderness. We stopped at Toys R Us which had no sleds, but quick thinking by Grandma discovered they did have a hard plastic kiddie pool. It was the perfect solution! We found the perfect hill on East Campus and enjoyed hours of sledding fun! Aunt Kaitlyn and Connor came zipping down the hill over and over again. Uncle Casey even came by when he was finished with work and got to take a spin on the "slool", "pled", pool-sled. Connor wasn't ready to leave even after his little toes were frozen. We weren't truly prepared with snow shoes and his little sneakers weren't cutting it with the amount of time we were in the snow. When I finally tricked him away from his new hobby, he had tears running down his face from his cold toes, and I quickly ripped off his shoes and socks and rubbed his red little feet. After getting him into a warm shower we had our bubbly boy back.

 We enjoyed Uncle Casey's birthday evening at Olive Garden and ate to our heart's content. There was even cake involved to finish the evening. It was only the beginning of the amount of eating we would do the rest of the week! The following day, Wednesday, we got to stop by the home Uncle Casey is in the process of purchasing and got to spend some more time in the snow, this time with the sun shining. We built the perfect snowman, that of course Connor insisted we name Olaf right next to the front door. I look forward to visiting once it is really his, and enjoying many memories there.

Thursday morning Connor and I headed to the airport to pick up Daddy. We were so glad that some snow was still left on the ground, and we chose that day to tour some of the new sights around LU. The new Jerry Falwell Library is amazing, and we even got to eat in the cute little bistro. We got to see Uncle Casey's office, stopped by alumni relations, and made a quick pit stop and the new baseball stadium.

It was amazing to say the least, and of course the bases just begged to be ran! Someone had built a wonderful baseball snowman right on home plate, and it made for a perfect family photo op.

From there we headed in search for the Equestrian Center which was not open during the posted hours of which they should have been, but I'm not bitter. Instead, on our way down the mountain we found the Snowflex which Aunt Kailtlyn and Grandma had never been to. Aunt Kaitlyn wanted to try her hand at snowboarding and Connor of course wanted to sled. Our afternoon activity was born.

We ended up going back to the Snowflex multiple times during our visit. Aunt Kaitlyn just continued to get increasingly better on her snowboard, and we couldn't resist Connor's squeals of delight on the sled slopes. They were so big compared to our little boy, but he loved it! Friday and Saturday also saw us visiting thirft stores, consignment shops, estate sales, and antique stores looking for furniture for Uncle Casey's new home. I think we were extremely successful, and felt that we accomplished so much. I can't wait to see it all put together inside his house. 

We drove 13.5 hours home on Sunday and I am still in awe at how great of a traveler Connor is. Not once did he complain, or get antsy, and was just a wonderful traveling companion. That is why we take trips. That is why we never hesitate. He's amazing!

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