Baby K Maternity

Baby K Maternity

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Pre-K Interview

We got Connor prepared for his interview for the Pre-K for 3 year olds at VABHOE by taking a special trip to Target. Though the items were unnecessary we got him a special pencil case and filled it with pencils and crayons. He even insisted on a Composition Journal for his "math homework". He told the cashier at checkout that he "Always has math homework". 

Upon waking up Friday morning he was so excited. He announced to everyone "I can't wait to go to school!" while he happily put on his backpack we very carefully packed the night before. I was nervous. We got to the school 30 min early and walked around and looked at the buildings. I wanted Connor to feel safe and secure with where he was going to be. We even visited the Kindergarten building that I had worked in and visited an old colleague. He got to look around her classroom and it satisfied his curiosity. We then sat on the bench outside of his Pre-K room and waited for Ms. Faggans to get to school.

It wasn't very long before she got there and of course there were hugs all around. She being the most wonderful teacher I have ever encountered, but also was my mentor teacher my first year. I can't believe how lucky Connor is. He very politely said "Hello Ms. Faggans" just like we practiced and I think she was charmed. We got to walk inside the classroom together and Connor got to wander around and see everything. Ms. F explained to me how their morning would go and Connor got right to work playing with the train table set up in her room. He was immediately comfortable. As more of her students came to class I felt more comfortable with leaving. I whispered in his ear to listen and obey, and to be the good boy he is, and he gave me a sweet hug and kiss. He was ready, I'm not sure I was.  

I didn't cry until talking to Daddy afterwards, and praying over our little boy's morning. The program that he is interviewing for is such a great opportunity. He is hoping to become a model student in a program that utilizes a classroom of autistic children and model children. I think it's wonderful. I think he's perfect for it.

Grandma picked him up at 10:50am and Ms. Faggans commented on what a good boy he was! Grandma brought him straight to me for a lunch time surprise and it was like pulling teeth to get any information out of him. Ha! What I did get is that he would love to go back, he liked playing with shadow puppets and one of the puppets talked to him, and he liked the slide on the playground. We won't know for a little while if he made the program, but it was a huge milestone in our lives. My baby is growing up.....and he just might go to my alma mater.

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