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Baby K Maternity

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Breaking the News!

April 2, 2014
Here is our little gummy bear at my final appointment with Dr. Gelman. Our little 8 week old baby ice skating even wiggled around a little bit, and Daddy, Connor, and I really sat back and let it all sink in. I went to Dr. Gelman for a full 12 weeks with Connor, so I was a little surprised when he released me a few weeks early to go to my regular obgyn. He said everything looked so picture perfect and left me feeling so reassured that everything was on the right path and looked beautiful. So this is really happening. I'm not sure it feels real yet. But slowly, and surely, as my clothes get tighter, and I start feeling more and more "funny" I know that it's real. God has answered prayers!

Our Spring Break started and our first stop was Disney. My main goal for this trip was to get our announcement picture that includes the above Mickey Ears. We are after all growing by two ears! I like how the picture turned out, though it was a little bit of a task to get everything just right. There is always a story, and considering big brother Connor only actually smiled for one of the many pictures we took, I guess that was the one we would have to use! It's a great memory!

The moment of finally breaking the news didn't happen until Thursday afternoon. I couldn't spill the beans to Aunt Kaitlyn and Uncle Casey without Daddy being there, and he didn't fly up until Thursday so we made our announcement at lunch! Connor had hidden under his jacket the blue shirt I made him that said "Big Brother". When the time came he ceremoniously ripped open his jacket, stood up on his chair, and said "ta-da!" It took a moment, which we happily recorded on video, for it to register, but everyone was happy. I think Casey was a little shocked, and Kaitlyn had a little bit of a clue because she's picked up on my tiredness, weight gain, and shall I say it....mood swings. I was just so happy to be able to share it with the ones that matter most. Now the secret is shared. There is definitely an ache with knowing I don't get to break the news to Grandpa Gary, but I know he would have been thrilled and would have been just as excited this time around.

I hit the 10 week mark yesterday, and spent the entire day sick. With Connor I had some moments of queasiness but I completely lost my breakfast yesterday, and then couldn't shake the awful feeling all day. That is brand new for me. I'm not sure I liked it. Smells tend to really get to me, and I feel more sick to my stomach in the evenings rather than the mornings. Sometimes just the smell of dinner can turn my insides. I know they say every pregnancy is different, but I could have lived without this. I am truly grateful to not have the full fledged morning sickness that most women get. I'll take a little bit of nausea over that!!! I have wanted sushi practically every day recently, but not raw, no worries. Tim has been taking care of so much, and I am so grateful to have such a wonderful and supportive ally through this whole thing. I am blessed.

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