Baby K Maternity

Baby K Maternity

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

In like a Lion

Well T-Ball Season is officially over and I would rate it a huge success. It is amazing to watch the natural athletic ability Connor has and to see what a natural he is with the bat and ball. He looked forward to every game, he was the most enthusiastic player, and always supported his teammates and the other team with a loud "good job". It was great to watch the joy he had while playing, and it always seemed like he had some internal dialogue going on while he was out on the field. My favorite thing he would say was "Oh yeah, Oh yeah!" as he rounded the bases coming home. Daddy was an excellent coach, and really took the lead on how to wrangle the kids and teach them the basic skills. He did great too!

This evening Connor got a hold of a pen while we were driving home. Upon opening the door Daddy discovered a surprise work of art all over Connor's right leg. He drew lines to his little heart's content and when he was finished handed the pen to Daddy and said, "there...all done." A little while later Connor walked over to Daddy and started to explain his fabulous artwork. He pointed at Daddy's leg and says "see, Daddy you have hair on your leg, and I want to be a man too so I drew hair on my leg. I'm a man." It is such a simple thought but it holds so much meaning. My little baby is growing up, and desperately wants to be big. I desperately want him to slow down. He will be a man one day, and I'm grateful that he has such an amazing example of a Godly man in Tim. Tim isn't just his coach in Tee Ball, but his coach in life, and I know with that leadership Connor can only succeed.

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  1. LOL Thats video is histarical! Iwish Conner the best of luck while he grows up :)