Baby K Maternity

Baby K Maternity

Sunday, February 9, 2014


"Little League baseball is a very good thing because it keeps the parents off the streets." ~Yogi Berra

We have officially entered a new phase of our lives. T-Ball!!! Connor has been ready for quite some time. Truthfully he practically came out of the womb ready. I'm not sure he had much of a choice with whether or not he would get into baseball one day, but the to be honest, he's naturally gifted at sports and it was the perfect outlet for his talent. We anxiously awaited until he was old enough, and signed him up for a league that accepted 3 year olds. He loves it! He knows that when he wakes up Saturday mornings he's going to go meet his friends and play some ball. He looks like a professional the way he adjusts his hat and walks tall in his cleats. Connor already could hit the ball, but now enjoys being out in the field "baseball ready" and running the bases. Daddy signed up to be a coach and is so great with all of the kids! He makes sure to always be at third base to high five Connor when he hits a grand slam.

A few weeks ago Connor received the team medal for sportsmanship. He is our little encourager and is constantly telling his teammates "good job" and "way to go". He was so thrilled with his medal he wore it all weekend long; to FirstWest and even church Sunday morning. Everywhere he went he had to show people his medal and tell them about what a good boy he is. We were so proud of him to be sure, and it was even more special because Daddy got to give him the medal. 

They also just recently took their team pictures, and I am waiting as patiently as I can for his official baseball cards to come in the mail. 

He has so much fun while he's playing, and if we weren't sure we now know he loves to climb fences. 

There is always a smile on his face as he rounds the bases and the joy on his face is wonderful! It solidifies that this was the right decision for him. We always end the game with a milkshake or a snowcone, and it has become a little tradition. Papa is as big of a cheerleader as I am and hasn't missed a single game. Even when Grandma can't make it, Papa is there to watch our MVP. 

I hope this is only the beginning for Connor's love of sports and activity. I thought it was funny that his team name is "The Avengers" and he probably couldn't tell you who a single character is, but he sure knows who the Red Sox are. I love that this is an activity of heart,determination, and skill, and one that he can bond with his daddy over. 

"The Babe": Remember kid, there's heroes and there's legends. Heroes get remembered but legends never die, follow your heart kid, and you'll never go wrong.

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