Baby K Maternity

Baby K Maternity

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Hello 2014

Of course I have to bring up the obvious "I cannot believe it's 2014 already." But truly, it has started off with many great activities, and even some life events. I'm on board with 2014, I know that the Lord has some great things in store, I'm just excited to see what they are. 

We used our first Disney trip of 2014 to celebrate my birthday, and the first evening we were in Orlando spent a cold evening, 46 degrees, playing Fantasia Mini Golf. To say we had so much fun is an understatement. I'm pretty sure everyone was in stitches at some point during the evening, and though it was cold, we created a great memory.

Connor was outstanding, and would go ahead to the next course and play it over and over again until we caught up to him. He made quite a few hole in ones and was a natural. I think all of us made at least one hole in one, and it was celebrated each time. Connor has proceeded to ask us every. single. day. since playing to go back and play again. "Sometimes, I want to play putt putt again, sometimes."

 The next day we started at Hollywood Studios, drew Eeyore, ate at some amazing food trucks, and I even received my first birthday present (a prop used on stage in the original cast production of Wicked). We then headed to Magic Kingdom and enjoyed all of the rides we know and love. It's always nice to utilize baby swap too when we have the whole group together. We don't usually use it when it is just the three of us.

We had the most fantastic seats for the fireworks display and I think it will now be our new go-to spot. We sat on a walled bench between the carousel and the new fantasyland and had fireworks booming over our heads from two separate locations. Everywhere you looked the sky lit up with light and sound. We were all in awe with how serendipitous it was.

 It was a magic night at Magic Kingdom for sure, and we were even lucky enough to still enjoy the Christmas decor that hadn't quite been taken down yet.

We spent my birth day at Epcot and had a yummy meal at Teppan Edo in the Japan section of the World Showcase. Connor enjoyed watching the chef prepare all of the delicious food and we all ate until we were full.

They very sweetly presented me with a slice of cake and candle to make a wish, and even created a special birthday hat that I donned the rest of the evening. Special to be sure. 

Starbucks even got in on the birthday magic and presented me with a grande frappuccino and cake pop before we even left the park. It was a memorable weekend, and it's just one more example of how every time we are there it is slightly different and just as wonderful. It's sad to think, but I'm not even sure of the next time we will all be up there together (insert sad face).

 Today Connor played in his first tee ball game and daddy got to coach. We've been looking forward to this for a long time. We found a league that took 3 year olds and signed him right up! He's been asking for weeks about the first day, and this morning was beside himself with excitement.

His turn up to bat was considered a grand slam since he was last in the line up and he couldn't have been more thrilled. He walked right  up to the tee like a pro, and didn't even wait to be told what to do. He smacked that ball for a great hit, and then got to run his way around the bases like the champ he is with the biggest smile on his face!

"Hi everyone, I see you!"

Going after the ball.

Getting tips from coach daddy.


The amazing fans that cheered on our little slugger. 

Here is our ace after it was all over. His team name is the "Avengers" and he is number 4. We could spot him easily today by his bright orange glove, and of course his red socks. He had so much fun and talked about it over milkshakes on the way home.

This is finally the first moment we have had to start putting Christmas decor away and it is always bittersweet. I look forward to this new year, but it is so easy to want the security of the past. The Lord has already provided some amazing opportunities for our family, and it will be so interesting to see what pans out and how the Lord will guide our paths. Recent things have been moving so quickly, and I look forward to where Casey is going but sad to see him leave. He is an adult after all, and it is such a reminder that our children grow up, and may move away, and we have to enjoy our time with them while we have it. We have to make the most of each moment together because we are going to miss those moments when we no longer have them. That is what 2014 will be about. Enjoying our time together and seeing what the Lord has in store.

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