Baby K Maternity

Baby K Maternity

Saturday, December 28, 2013

"This is the best Christmas ever!"


 Is December truly coming to a close? 2014 will be here before we know it and one more Christmas will be in the books. According to Connor this was the best Christmas ever, and I look forward to making it just as magical and special in the years to come. Throughout the month we did our annual activities like going to see Santa (multiple times) but especially at Bass Pro, and enjoying the festivities at Oasis church. This year Connor particularly enjoyed the train that Oasis set up for patrons to enjoy, and of course we went on it multiple times. He also really loved the snow machine!

It was exciting to pick out our tree this year, and even more wonderful to put Connor's new Disney train set beneath it. He loved to watch it go round and round. The Ft. Lauderdale Christmas Pageant was also another big activity for our family, and though I wasn't in it, I appeared every evening before the show began to welcome our guests. It was a nice way for me to be a part of the pageant family.

As soon as school was dismissed for Winter Break we made our way up to Orlando to enjoy the last days of our 2013 annual pass. We got a special Christmas gift by scoring dinner reservations to Be Our Guest in Magic Kingdom. We have been trying to eat there for dinner since it opened. It was as delicious as could be hoped for, and the "Grey Stuff" was truly yummy. 

The next day we went to Sea World and Epcot. Connor had a wonderful time feeding the dolphins and petting the sting rays. We were impressed by how they turned the Wild Arctic ride into the Polar Express. The detail they put into it was excellent and of course Connor loved it! 

Daddy got off early from work on Christmas Eve and we finally were able to do the early candle light service at church. It was so enjoyable and special to then come back to a delicious meal and we even watched a movie. Connor was certainly excited for Santa to come and he carefully picked out the right cookies to leave out for him and helped me pour the milk.

One of Santa's elves left a fun road for Connor to follow out to the tree, and his squeals of delight at seeing all of his presents was priceless. Some of the things on his list for Santa this year was: "shark train", a 'loop-de-loop' (or woop-de-woop), golf clubs, and a fishing pole. Santa came through with the win, and Connor got all of that plus more. This time Santa focused on growing his wooden train set collection, as well as DVDs, books, balls, board games, and even a brand new t-ball bat. Aunt Kim even sent him a drum set that he has enjoyed pounding on for the last few days.

Connor was thrilled to learn that Santa even visited Grandma's house and there we opened even more gifts. Grandma started his leap-pad collection and it will be the new device he gets hooked on I'm sure. He's already telling us what practically every word he says starts with, it will be great to see how he does with this. Connor got to spend some of his day outside using his new fishing pole that Papa got for him and caught a fish! Maybe the smallest fish I have ever seen on a hook, but a thrill for him none the less.

We were excited to have Uncle Scott come by on Christmas day too. It has been a long time since we were together for Christmas and was truly a gift. He brought specials presents for everyone and we spent a good portion of the afternoon playing out back with all of the new goodies. 

Grandma Glenda made a delicious supper, and Casey's pies will forever be memorable. It was a  such a wonderful day! I cannot contain my excitement over my new Canon T3i and I'm giddy to be able to start using it.

December has been so special, and always is. From the joy of opening mail from all of your loved ones all over the country, to the spell binding twinkle of Christmas lights, to pageants and holiday recitals, to the anticipation of Christmas morning, all of it adds up to a wonderful season. I am thankful and grateful to all of the family and friends that thought of us, and especially Connor, to make it even more memorable. The emptiness of not having dad here is always apparent, but knowing that he is celebrating this special birthday with the Savior makes it easier. We are truly blessed for all that we have, and the love we share with one another is a godsend. Nothing is perfect, but this Christmas came pretty close.

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