Baby K Maternity

Baby K Maternity

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Sleep Study Results

It finally happened. The doctor's appointment we have been waiting for took place this afternoon. After 2 months of waiting and countless phone calls later, the neurologist gave us some "answers".

Nothing is wrong with Connor, he's just a bad sleeper.

Talk about great news, just not the "answer" we were expecting. I wanted them to give me real reasons for the last 3 sleepless years.

Basically the doctor said that Connor just might have an overactive brain that he can't seem to shut off. That he is really smart, and he's unable to quiet down his brain to rest.

This is shown in the results. He had an arousal index of 60.8 events per hour. He had 324 arousals during the study, and 308 of them were spontaneous in origin.

They also diagnosed a mild upper airway resistance syndrome. That he has a sinus arrhythmia but that it should not cause markedly disrupted sleep. We do plan to follow this up, and will be scheduling more appointments for the future.

The good news is that over the last few weeks Connor has been sleeping more. Just to have a couple nights of consecutive sleep is an answer to prayer. And that is truly where I put the credit. I know that so many people are praying for our sweet Connor boy, and that is why I think it's starting to happen. He does still have nights of waking up, and if he's not awake he's talking, crying out, and sometimes even giggling completely asleep. His brain is always working. I guess there are worse things that it could be. The neurologist was so impressed with his ability to write his name and do math. Though right now, he's playing hockey on the porch with daddy.

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  1. My niece is the same way. She is now 7 incredibly smart and only wakes up like once a night :) So glad all is okay!! Praying for more sleep to come. -Katie Wise