Baby K Maternity

Baby K Maternity

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Halloween 2013: Our little connor JAKE

"Connor, what would you like to be for Halloween this year?"
"Jake, mommy."
"Are you sure? You could be Fix it Felix."
"No mommy, Jake."
"Or you could be Peter Pan."

Ok, then, Jake it is! How do I make my tow headed, flaxen haired child, into Jake? Keep in mind...I am all about a homemade costume, and refuse to go and buy one from the store when I know full well I can make one. Enter the collaborative efforts of Grandma Glenda and mommy. We took a beautiful Tommy Hilfiger blazer, took off the sleeves, and Grandma added the gold ribbon. I found the right sized buttons at Michael's and painted them gold too. Blue pants from H&M, a white Fruit of the Loom undershirt that I lovingly made a few cuts on the sleeve and a puff paint "chord" at the neck for the outfit. Then to complete the ensemble, galoshes spray painted brown by Grandma, and I added the gold buckles and the letter J in paint. No Jake would be legit without his black hair, and that we found at Disney World on our last trip. I thought about spraying it black, and then I couldn't bring myself to do that to his beautiful hair. I did add black eye shadow to his eyebrows to finish the look. HE WAS THRILLED!!! He really thought he was Jake, and I am so pleased that this year he specifically asked for what he wanted to be. I can't wait to see what he comes up with for next year.

We trick or treated to a few homes around our house first, and then went to Emerald Hills with Isla (his pirate girlfriend) and Lola. It was so much fun to go door to door with friends, and the neighborhood really went all out. It was like a movie set with tons of extras on hand to walk the streets. A little hotter than would have been ideal, but everyone had fun together! How could you not with full sized candy bars being offered?

Tim and I went as Red Sox super fans.....I was told that's not really a costume when it's I left on my wig from my costume I wore to school.

 A ring of ghosts that Uncle Casey put in Grandma's yard really made a statement. It was awesome.

After we trick or treated with Connor's friends we went down to Grandma Glenda's neighborhood as per tradition, and Papa really wanted to see Connor's costume! Uncle Casey and Aunt Kaitlyn dressed up like Fix it Felix and Venelope Von Shweetz, and Emily had on a purple morph suit. We all had so much fun together. Our bags were full of candy, and Connor always surprises us on Halloween. Last year it was the trigger that really brought out our little talker, and this year his eloquence truly surprised us all. How he loves to reason with people, and organize the little details is always so amazing. He would tell people which order they would be at the door to receive their candy, and kept us entertained with his narration the entire night. His excitement is always infectious. WAY TO GO JAKE!

The merry crew of Never Land Pirates
Through & Through - they're jolly buccaneers
Join with Jake and the Neverland Pirates
Come Along - We need some volunteers.

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