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Baby K Maternity

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Connor's "Planes" Birthday Party

You are invited......

My little aviator couldn't have been any more excited when he first saw his ticket invitation! He thought it was the coolest thing, and proceeded to walk around with it for days. Uncle Casey did a great job designing it. I'm so thankful for our collaboration and his willingness to lend his talent! What boy wouldn't love his one of a kind birthday invitation, especially when it gives you your own airline?

Only stellar airlines give you this type of in-flight service. Grandma Glenda found great vintage suitcases for our table tops, and again Uncle Casey designed all of my signs. We ordered sub wheels from Publix and put together delicious little meal boxes to sustain the souls during their flight. The containers were graciously donated by the deli team and I put Planes stickers on them to give them the extra touch. 

We had set aside some of the Lowe's Build and Grow wooden models we had picked up while they were doing their promotions for our guest's to sign as a keepsake for Connor. We have a signed baseball from his first birthday, and these fabulous planes for his third. I just have to find what Mickey signed last year. I had more suitcase props set up for squeezies (applesauce) and fruit bites. I also had all of their goody boxes lined up ready for them to use for the pinata. I would have to say their goody box was fun to put together, and all of the kids had so much fun going through them and finding their new treasures. 

The Jet Fuel Station had them entertained for hours. We had found these great jets that when you throw them the rings on the back put out the best bubbles. The boys LOVED them. On the same table I had wooden Planes gliders they could put together, and even foam Dusty gliders that all of the kids soared through the air. There were movie posters and tatoos and paper airplanes. It was a FUN table!

I loved the Dusty Pinata we found and instead of smashing it to death the kids pulled a string that opened up a hole in it's belly. It was fun because they could all do it together and at once. I think we packed it a little too much with candy, because nothing came out of the hole....we had to shake it, and I may or may not have started throwing the extra candy I had into the pile of kids grouped at the bottom of the plane. The giggles and squeals of excitement were priceless.

I loved his pull-apart cake. Everyone got their own cupcake, and I didn't have to worry about forks or cutting up a cake and having leftovers. I also designed this cake telling the bakery my vision and pointing out pictures of what I wanted since Publix doesn't offer a "Planes" themed cake. I think they did a great job, and I added the "Planes" characters after I had it in my possession. The only thing that didn't go according to design was them spelling Connor's name wrong. Story of my life.

It was a gorgeous day full of love and celebration. Tim had found this excellent park right next to North Perry Airport and the entire morning we got the privilege of the sight and sound of the airplanes taking off and landing. It was also special because this was an airport Grandpa Gary often used and I have memories of going to as a child. It was awesome to watch the kids arrive and to see their reaction to the first plane they heard take off. Watching their little fingers point to the sky was the exact reason we picked this park. More importantly were the loved ones that spent their morning with us to celebrate Connor. We are lucky to have have such a strong family, and to have friends that have become family. The adults were all relaxed and enjoying themselves, and the kids had free reign of the playground. Everyone was having fun. Laughter filled the air, and I knew it was a success. I still can't believe how perfectly it all went. Thank you to those who made it so special and for loving our Connor. Now I just have to sit down and finish all of the thank you cards.


  1. Love this party! We are doing an airplane party for my son's 1st birthday and I was wondering if you could share or sell the signs that Uncle Casey made for you?

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