Baby K Maternity

Baby K Maternity

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Back to School

“All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence.” ~Martin Luther King, Jr.

 It has happened. Summer is over and the school year is officially underway. The first few teacher planning days were difficult to go to; my spirit just wasn't there. The actual first day of school, I cried; but Connor was a different story. For him, it was fun to go back to Grandma's house for the day! She has toys he doesn't have at our house, she has kittens, and she has Papa and Untle Tasey. It has been an adjustment for all of us except Connor. I am enjoying my students and I look forward to what this school year holds, but I find myself aching to see Connor and miss having him with me.

 Daddy is getting ready to go on his Man Weekend trip and has needed to get back in the swing of things so to speak. Enter driving range. Connor and daddy have started a weekly trip to the driving range recently and Connor is loving it! These pictures are from his first outing, and he did great! As long as he kept his eye on the ball he made contact and hit the water! I love his concentration in these shots, and how he's even got swagger in one of them. They end the night with milkshakes from McDonald's and yet Connor still seems to think upon mentioning it that they are going to a farm. So far he has asked for a pig, and always ends up singing E-I-E-I-O.

 This past Sunday was a lot of fun! After church the gang all headed to Lowes for another Planes Build and Grow event. This time it was El Chu and Daddy got to participate. It turned out cute, though we've already peeled off all of the stickers. They just didn't lay right, and the simple wood looks just as nice. I may paint him myself and then he'll really look cool! He still prefers the Dusty he made and I'm beyond surprised at how well it has withstood his rough play!
 Sunday was also special because Connor finally moved up into a real Sunday School class. I can't believe how big he is getting, and I am so thankful for our church and how special they make everything. I had already received a call from his new teacher Miss Jennifer and they were ready for him when we got there. His Sunday mornings will be structured now, and he'll even get music time, scheduled playground time, and a special arts and crafts activity each week. I know he will learn even more about Jesus, and we have a special key ring with each month's new Bible verse to learn. Psalm 18:30 "God's way is perfect."

While he was in Sunday School we were in "Big Church" and were surprised to see our video pop up on the big screens. It came out perfectly, and of course my favorite part is Connor's bit at the end. What a sweet Connor-boy!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Summer Wrap Up

Looking back over our summer vacation I am completely in awe at how fast it has flown by. We have done so much in such a few short months. I can't believe we've been back from Ireland for a month now. We've been up to a lot!

 Our first order of business was to throw a surprise birthday party for daddy's 30th Birthday. It worked! He was completely surprised and we were so blessed to be surrounded by such sweet friends who have become family. We did miss those who couldn't make it, but we had a lovely time and daddy rang in his thirties with cheer!

 We have had lots of fun playing this summer! From playdates with best friends, to spontaneous Disney trips, and even nights making spares bowling. Connor has done it all. We got to visit Uncle Josh and Aunt Heather at their beautiful new home in Deltona, Fl and Connor had so much fun playing with Sparticus! We then took him (Connor not Sparticus) over one evening to Disney for dinner, rides, and some fireworks. We had such a wonderful visit and we look forward to many years of spending weekends together!

 Grandma Glenda has succeeded in bringing up another generation who loves Lion Country Safari. Connor loves it each time we go, and this particular trip had an ostrich at our window being silly. Grandma even let Connor drive her car all by himself. He is very good at steering!!

 Connor has spent the summer perfecting his swimming skills at Grandma's also! He loves to slide down his red slide right into the water! He also loves to jump in from the sides, and will wear you out with his desire to do it over and over again. He has never been one to wear swimmies so he has needed to learn to kick and paddle early. I would say he has figured it out. It's not his favorite, and he would much rather jump in straight to you, but he can get from a stationary person to the stairs when made to. Just keep swimming!

 We have been anxiously awaiting the opening of Disney's Planes all summer long! With my Grandpa Ernie being an alum of Embry-Riddle University, dad being a pilot, and Tim's love of all things aviation, it was right up our alley. Luckily I've caught wind of some really great Planes events, and Connor has been reaping all of the benefits. One of the events took place at the Wings Over Miami Museum and Connor loved the antique planes and even made his own glider to throw around!

 Uncle Casey spent his summer in Western Pennsylvania working at Fallingwater. We thought it would be the perfect opportunity to see this impressive Frank Lloyd Wright masterpiece. Before we got there though we made a trip to visit sweet baby Ellie and Aunt Katrina in their new house. What a beautiful home she will get to grow up in, and we know we will be back often to visit. We also made a stop at Lurray Caverns and enjoyed touring the beautiful underground sanctuary. I have been there before but we thought it would be neat to introduce it to Aunt Kaitlyn and Connor. I think they both enjoyed seeing the impressive stalagmites and stalactites!

 Fallingwater is gorgeous! I don't even know what more to say about it. From the incredible art displayed in every room, to the fantastic architecture, to the sound of water filling your ears at every turn, the place is magical. Connor was too young to the tour the house himself, but Fallingwater being the classy facility they are, provide a Family room for young ones to play in as your group tours. We were all able to enjoy the delicious food being served in the cafe, and we all came away with great souvenirs to remember our trip by.

 While we were near Pittsburgh we were able to visit Oma and Opa (Danny and Sonny) at their castle in Sewickley. They typically don't have children in their home, but Connor was so well behaved it didn't matter that he's only two. I always love seeing what new project they are working on and enjoying the amazing art and antiques always leaves me in awe. I loved getting to enjoy their beautiful garden this year, and their hospitality always is over and above. I wish we could visit with them more often!

I will forever think of Donegal as a sweet little town with a great hotel where the kids swam every night and an excellent restaurant called Brady's. We ate there twice it was so good, and I could eat there again right now. Oh gosh, I'm getting hungry just thinking about it. Connor liked it for the ability to feed the ducks when we were done. Aunt Kaitlyn even caught a duck one evening, and Connor in his innocent way ran clear across the lawn straight towards her, arms outspread, thinking she caught him a new pet. Classic!

 In PA Connor was able to enjoy yet another Disney Planes event at Lowes and built his very own Dusty! He did such a great job, and his hammer hit every nail that is in his little wooden plane. We haven't had it very long, but you can already tell how well loved it is. It practically goes everywhere with us! Aunt Kaitlyn built one as well and her's is still pretty perfect and has a place of distinction up out of the reach of Connor's hands....he might think it's his...
Connor has since seen Planes twice and I'm sure our life will have it being played over and over again. 
 Our big boy is always surprising us and growing daily. Just today our conversation drifted to him not being a baby anymore and that he now has his boy look. He caught his first fish by himself this past weekend, and now is even starting to point to the planes in the sky and try to name them like daddy does. So far they are all "49s". He has done so well learning his letters and their sounds this summer, and his counting is great. He loves to sing, and I catch him passing time singing to himself. He is just so smart, and so clever, I can't get enough of him. Ok, I'm going to tear up again. All that matters is he still loves to hold my hand for comfort.
Do I really start a new school year tomorrow?