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Baby K Maternity

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Summer Lovin'

“Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass under trees on a summer's day, listening to the murmur of the water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is by no means a waste of time.” ~ John Lubbock

Idleness is not a norm in our household though we do love being outside. Life is so short, and there is so much to do and see. Currently we have a Summer Fun Pass for Lion Country Safari, Seaquarium, the Museum, and Miami Metro Zoo. We also currently have an annual pass for Jungle Island, Sea World, and is going to be a summer full of activity. Albeit HOT activity.

Our first summer trip to Lion Country Safari was fun. We made a stop at the splash pad for Connor and everyone was able to cool off. The drive through was nice, but I think it is the most fun when it is raining. Connor got to feed the giraffes (his favorite) and that always puts a smile on his face. They do make a pretty penny off of a few leaves of lettuce though. I think I might be tempted to smuggle in my own romaine next time, and maybe I'll put a little dressing on them too....that would really make them do a little dance. 

We took Connor to Sea World for the first time and he loved it. I knew he would! Grandma has been taking him to the Seaquarium a lot recently and each time he comes back with more stories about the dolphins he plays with there. This time he got to actually FEED the dolphins. The set up is a little different than it was in the past when we would feed the dolphins and now they take you in shifts. The workers were sending our group out of the feeding area and I was walking along the wall with Connor saying "goodbye" to all of the dolphins. This one particular dolphin looked right at Connor and then beached itself right out of the water on the wall to get closer to him. I was shocked! Of course I immediately let Connor pet him. The workers weren't thrilled with our spontaneous friend and us petting him, but I couldn't let the chance pass us by. It was such a cool experience!

After we spent most of the day at Sea World we met up with Uncle Josh and Aunt Heather at Hollywood Studios and got to see a little of what Star Wars Weekends consists of. Josh was on cloud 9! Connor was in awe of all of the Storm Troopers just walking around and I LOVED seeing Mickey, Minnie, and the gang dressed up like the classic Star Wars characters. I'm always up for a good mash-up. The most fun was when the guys in our party got picked as volunteers for the Backlot Tour. They did a fantastic job. We went the next day to Magic Kingdom and did all of the favorite rides. Connor squealed with delight at riding the Tea Cups with the big boys who swung that thing around at top speeds. Disney is always perfect!

Summer time in Florida always means an afternoon shower, and we will never be too busy to let Connor splash in the puddles. Those are the things boys are made of. Those are memories I hope he will cherish. Yes, "Jesus made the rain" as Connor always reminds us, and I feel we have to enjoy the rain when it comes.

Another fun spot we went to recently was Jungle Island. Lots of animals in a tiny space. It was nice to see all of the animals out and about. Of course Connor soaked it all in and loved getting to be so hands on. His favorite animals he got to handle were the snake and the alligator. The kid has no fear. I tried not to show my own terror as they draped the gross snake around his neck. Clearly my own fear didn't rub off on him. He's a champ!

We also recently got to film an iStory for our Neighborhood Group. We all got interviewed but my absolute favorite part was when Connor and Isla got in front of the camera. Connor even said "I love neighborhood groups" and proceeded to give Isla a hug and say "cheese". Be Still My Heart!

We had a traumatic morning at the dentist today, which was followed up by some play time at Chuck E. Cheese. Reflux has really done a number on his teeth, but I promise to take care of his little mouth no matter what. It broke my heart while he screamed this morning. It took four women (that includes me lying on the chair with him) holding him just to get through the simple procedure. Motherhood is not for the weak, and hopefully that wont happen again for a very long time, if ever.

Though we are busy a lot we do find time for the simple things. Connor loves to go on evening walks to see the Owls nesting at the end of our street. Tim took him on a canoe ride around Grandma Glenda's lake and Connor sang "Row Row Row Your Boat" for most of the trip. Connor is so gentle with Aunt Kaitlyn's new kittens and will sit for great lengths of time with a little one in his hands whispering things into its ear. We find joy in each other. We find joy in being together. We rest in the company of each other knowing that we are in it together. There are days of watching the clouds pass by and there are days filled with noise and laughter....both are great! I AM SO HAPPY TO BE ON SUMMER VACATION!!!

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