Baby K Maternity

Baby K Maternity

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Spring Break and Easter

I cannot believe the whirlwind we've been a part of recently. We have been super active in a really enjoyable sort of way. Not too much of go go go, but planned out days of joy and activity. I'll start with Easter day and go backward to Spring Break.
Connor of course loved all of the goodies in his Easter basket. Last year he got fruit snacks, but this year, he got real candy. Jellybeans to be exact, and he was thrilled. We are still using the jellybeans as incentives and treats for good behavior....otherwise known as bribes. He got another cardboard book, and even a Veggie Tales movies in his basket. Church was wonderful, and Aunt Kaitlyn even performed on stage in 252. She didn't get to pick out an Easter Dress this year knowing she was volunteering on stage, but I think Connor looked Easter enough for all of us! I enjoyed putting his entire ensemble together this year, and didn't buy an already put together outfit. I like being "Stylist Mommy" just call me Kristin Zoe.

Connor LOVED finding Easter eggs. He didn't need them easily spread around the grass, he actually looked for the hidden ones, and wanted more when we were all done. I kept re-hiding the eggs in new places, and he was a very happy little boy. Our eggs are worth $$ in our family, and he made a pretty little penny to put in his piggy bank. Grandma Glenda really knows how to make things fun. She also gave Connor an Easter basket, and of course included presents! I think he was more thrilled with his basket from Grandma, but she found him a Little Einsteins Rocket and that couldn't have been any more perfect. She's the perfect grandma. 
 Spring Break was wonderful! For once we didn't have any major travel plans, and we were able to enjoy our time locally. Our church had Sunday School Easter Celebration to start the week complete with an egg hunt, bounce house, and tractor pull. Connor was THRILLED! I don't know what he loved more, but the squeals of delight on the tractor ride were hysterical. It was a good intermission from our trips to Disney. You can't beat the fact that "His Isla" was there, and followed her around like a puppy dog. 

 The next day we woke up and traveled to Tampa to see a Red Sox Spring Training game. Darlene always knows how much we appreciate the tickets to anything Red Sox. His first Red Sox game ever was because of Darlene. This was a treat for sure. We were in a box suite right behind home plate complete with all of the baseball food you can eat. Connor knew exactly who to cheer for, and "Go Red Sox" was a common phrase repeated throughout the day. Everyone thought he was the cutest Red Sox fan! It was so much fun! We even walked out of the tunnel with the players, and Connor walked right up to Xander Bogaerts for his autograph. We had no gate to stand behind, and the team was just there. It was surreal. You can only imagine how excited Tim was. Plus the Red Sox won! On our way back home that night we even stopped to meet brand new baby, Colton Stalions, and it ended the day perfectly!

 The rest of the week found us at TY park with friends, brunch at Cheesecake Factory, spent time with baby Miracle, and even got to see Aunt Heather and Uncle Josh. Connor was such a good boy the entire week with mommy, and it only makes me look forward to summer even more. He did transition well to being back with Grandma and Kaitlyn once the week was over, and even "misses" them when we are in the car just driving home from their house. His time at their house is his favorite. I love that it's his special place. I made him a Sight Word book recently on Shutterfly, and that has been our new goal. With as smart as he is, he loves learning new things. His book focuses on "I, see, my, like, and". Grandma started a few color words at her house, and he has mastered red, blue, green, and yellow. I included a video below just from tonight. Can you believe he's not even 2 1/2 yet? Smarty pants dance, smarty pants dance!!!

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