Baby K Maternity

Baby K Maternity

Sunday, April 28, 2013

April Sunshine

We haven't had many April Showers, but we have had plenty of activity to keep us busy!

We started off April with a family trip to Disney World. I think I've finally just started to call each trip up by the month it is. We've gone once a month since October, and no, it doesn't get old, and yes Connor asks for it constantly. Every single trip is different, and it was nice that Aunt Kaitlyn and Grandma got to join in the fun! 

 Connor rode on his own horse for the carousel and loved every minute of it. He is getting bigger and bigger, and I can't get over how independent he always wants to be. "No mommy, me try." That gets a little scary when he wants to pour his own juice, but even that he does successfully. It's amazing! We went to Hollywood Studios, Epcot, and Magic Kingdom the first day, and had so much fun! We lunched at Pinocchio's Village Haus overlooking the Small World boats and of course where do you think Connor insisted on going next? "It's a world of laughter, a world of tears. It's a world of hope, it's a world of fears....." over and over and over again! Every time we ride it, he seems to think the kids are his friends, and dances along with them!

 Our second day found the three of us at Animal Kingdom. Of course we had to do his favorite ride the Safari, and we actually got fast passes before going on the first time, just to be able to do it twice. We also knew we had to catch the Nemo show, since Connor is on a Nemo kick at the moment, and we got the most incredible seats. Connor always enjoys the show, but we had a row all to ourselves, front and center, with no one in the row in front of us. It was awesome! Connor even got up close and personal with some of the characters and was thrilled!!!

Most of April has seen us tackling all sorts of adventures. Connor has been having difficulty sleeping and the night terrors have been incredible. A mix between night terrors and sleep walking sends us in to a tizzy at night and creates exhausted parents. We are scheduled to participate in a sleep study in July, and hopefully that will give us some answers. Yet, Connor is a joy during the day. Constantly learning new things, and playing make believe. Grandma got his a Jake and the Neverland Pirates set, and he goes around pretending to be Jake looking for his "X" and treasure. He loves to sing his ABCs song, and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. We're working on Jesus Loves Me, and Row Row Row Your Boat. This Little Light of Mine, has been really fun to sing with him too! 
This past week was difficult because Connor came down with Viral Stomatitis. It started with him screaming through the night last Sunday, and we thought it was one of his night terror episodes. The next morning though he wouldn't eat, and kept saying "mouth, boo boos". So I got a flashlight and low and behold he had sores all over the inside of his mouth. It looked like chicken pox covering the roof of his mouth and tongue. Back to the pediatrician we go, and after blood work and swabs they diagnose him. They explained how terribly painful it is and couldn't tell us how long it would last. He wouldn't put anything in his mouth. He broke down after just eating a strawberry. It was so sad. For the past week he has been living on ice pops, jello, and pudding. His lips were even sensitive. He was in major pain. They prescribed us Magic Mouthwash, a combination of benadryl, mallox, and lidocaine, but he wouldn't even let us give him that. Sleeping at night was the worst because his reflux would act up and the pain for him was unbearable. I think we're finally over it though. He ate his first solid food yesterday, and even had pretzels today. The hardest part through this whole thing is he never lost his appetite. Poor baby was hungry, but couldn't eat anything substantial. Bananas even hurt!

 We got to see the whole Guise family yesterday at Erin's wedding, and it was so nice to see everyone. It of course is bitter sweet, and brings so many memories rushing back, but nice none the less. It's hard to see my uncles because of how much of Grandpa Gary I see in them, but it's also nice because it's like a piece of his resemblance is still around. Great Grandpa Ernie loves seeing Connor, and always points him out to others to show them how cute he is! I know that's what Grandpa Gary would do too. He was so proud of his first grandchild. 

Connor spent most of the night on the dance floor and was such a ham. Even when it was time to eat he wanted to go back out and dance! Aunt Kaitlyn enjoyed herself following him around I'm sure! He thinks she's the coolest!
Potty "training" is a thing of the past at this point. He's got it down pat! Though he's been trained to now expect a prize after every number 2. HAHA! The prize is usually a matchbox car, and even at Disney when we told him he could pick any prize in the store (ANY prize), he went straight to the die-cast cars and picked a Bruce inspired race car. Silly boy, you could have gotten an entire train set, daddy's wallet was ready.


  1. Hi Kristin,

    It is great to read that your family has too much fun on a monthly basis. I hope Conner can put his night terrors behind him soon. Sleep is such a complicated field of science, but we're always learning more. I'm glad he recovered from the mouth sores though.

    And of course, I'm sorry I didn't make it to the wedding to see everyone. I'm about to head off to Rome and transportation was problematic. It sounds like everyone had a good time. I miss your dad too, and I like how we can see the "Guise" in each of the brothers.

    Have a great day!

    ~ Stephen

  2. I hate that he was so sick. Thank you for ending on an up-beat, though.

    (Also, in some ways I felt like writing my thesis was as if I were at Disney along with you guys -- and in other ways I really could have used a trip around Epcot, if you know what I mean...)

    I can't wait to see you guys soon!!!

  3. Another wonderful blog post. We stay so busy, but Connor is growing up with so many wonderful experiences and memories. Yes, we continue to miss Casey at all our family gatherings and hopefully he will be able to join us more often after graduation. I love my family so much! You guys mean the world to me.