Baby K Maternity

Baby K Maternity

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

March Madness

 I feel like March has just flown by, and if I think about it, it really has. That's what happens when you have a full schedule and a million things on your plate. From opening and closing a show, to celebrating Kaitlyn turning 13 at Disney we've been busy bees.

 We opened and closed High School Musical Jr. March 5 and 6, and what a whirlwind it was. I think I have been eating, breathing, and sleeping the show for the past few weeks (though we have been rehearsing since October), and it was a joy to see it all come together. The kids did an outstanding job and I couldn't be any more proud. My mom was a godsend running sound (and a million other things), Kaitlyn helped with backstage, and Tim was my videographer. Connor was interesting through the entire process, and truly enjoys running across the stage during rehearsals, and being a good boy during show time! I can't wait to see him up on stage in his first performance. I know he'll be a natural. It was a blessing also to have such support from friends who came to see the show as well. You have no idea how much that meant to me, and it won't be something I ever forget. I am lucky!

 Kaitlyn is 13.......THIRTEEN!!! Can you believe it? Though the personality has been there, she is officially a teenager and a beauty at that. She is a joy, and we love her so much!

 For her special birthday we went where else, but Disney World. It was a gorgeous day, with perfect weather and we had a blast. She was certainly a princess for the day and we ate in Belle's castle for lunch and had reservations at Cinderella's castle for dinner. Who wouldn't love that? She got to pick what we did for the day, and of course she wanted a spin on the tea cups. Not only are they a favorite of hers by going super fast, but Connor loves them too!!! He squeals with delight at the slightest turn. He insists we go on them every visit!

Our evening at the castle was delightful and we even got a spectacular view of the Wishes Fireworks. The castle has always been a place we go for special occasions and this was the perfect opportunity. There was a huge hole with Casey not being there, but next year he will be. It's never the same if one family member is missing.  Kaitlyn was delighted none-the-less. Who could resist dining like royalty? The food was delicious, the company perfect, and Connor was even interested in the Disney girls. They couldn't get enough of him, and each requested special little kisses on the cheek from our little charmer.

 The princesses were great and all, but Kaitlyn really was the beauty of the evening. She is stunning inside and out. I can't get over the young woman she is turning into, and how proud of her we are. Connor can't get enough of his favorite Aunt, and we can see why. She is never above getting down on the floor and playing with him, and always knows just what he needs. She also knows exactly how to rile him up and make mom and dad go crazy. No wonder she's a favorite!!!

 After Kaitlyn's birthday we spent a second day at the parks. We got to dine and dance with some of Connor's friends from Disney Jr. including Oso, June, Jake, and Manny. Connor was on cloud nine, and I see us dining there often. It was perfect for him! To see his eyes light up each time a friend came by the table was wonderful, and watching him warm up and freely dance around the room with them was so endearing. Daddy endeared himself to the waitstaff by dancing with him at first to help him warm up.

 We spent some more time with our Disney Jr. pals and Connor even got some gold doubloons!! We missed the show when they were still performing his current favorite, Little Einsteins, but Connor loved it and didn't know any different. We got to see Apprentice Mickey and even Ralph and Venelope while we were in the area. He was in character heaven!

We spent the evening at Animal Kingdom and made the last Safari ride to see the animals. That's Connor's favorite. If I had to choose I think the first ride of the day is much better than the last ride, but he was thrilled since he loves it so much. It was neat seeing the trainers feeding the elephants these huge treats though. I appreciated that! No giraffes though, and those are Connor's favorite. He kept asking where they were, and we told him they went "night night". We caught the Lion King show, and Connor got to see his giraffe, sure it wasn't real, but it was huge!!! We had a wonderful day.

It has been a season for sure, and I'm ready to slow down a bit. I think I worked myself so hard my body finally said enough. I came down with a major cold Thursday, and am still trying to recover from it. Sadly, Tim and Connor caught a stomach virus while we were at Disney and were down for the count on Sunday. What a day that was. Connor's first experience with throwing up, and all he could say was "Mommy, my belly hurts". Poor baby. His stomach is still not right. I can't believe the affects the one virus has had.

I'm going to miss our rehearsal time. It was a joy to spend time and invest in these kids. Connor had fun playing with them too, and they couldn't get over how smart he was. He would spell his name, count, name his colors, and even tell them shapes if they asked. His verbal skills never cease to amaze me, and he talks so much. He is such a big helper, always wants to learn, and is full of energy. I have to admit though, my favorite is when he sings.

Click HERE to view the photo memory book I created for my cast. An insider view into our show!


  1. This is great. I'm glad I can feel a part of it by reading about it here when things calm down for a moment. Great photos too, obviously. Is the Disney Jr. dining experience new?? Why have we never done that before??

  2. Great post. I enjoyed reliving the day. It was so special. I need to get your camera card and get these pictures on my computer!! I'm sure you have tons of good ones.