Baby K Maternity

Baby K Maternity

Sunday, February 10, 2013


I know, I know, I know what you're thinking....didn't you just go to Disney World. Well, yes. And to be honest we've been once a month since November, and if you think about it we went to Disneyland in October. So, we're Disney people, no biggie. The first weekend of the month tends to be a good time for us recently.

 Connor has jumped right on board with our love of the Mouse. It is so sweet to hear him get excited about going to "Dinny Wirl". We have a plan in place with which rides are on the top of our list according to importance for our little big boy. We started our first day at Hollywood Studios, and ended the evening at Magic Kingdom. The next morning we went to Animal Kingdom and then got to enjoy a special lunch with Aunt Heather and Uncle Josh.

 We were so excited to take Connor to the Disney Jr Show at Hollywood Studios but sadly it was closed. We made sure to do Toy Story Mania, and Connor enjoys whirling around and watching the 3D images. At Magic Kingdom he is a huge fan of the Speedway Racers and the Airplane Choo-Choo otherwise known as the Barnstormer. He squeals on the Tea Cups and Dumbo, and this time even enjoyed some high flying on a Magic Carpet Ride. He always loves the Carousel, and this time the Electro-Magic Parade and Wishes (fireworks) were seen through the eyes of our enchanted 2 year old.

 We got to enjoy the Train at both Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom. Both are always fun, but on Rafiki's Wildlife Express we got to enjoy special views of the Rhino's who weren't out on the Safari plains. That is another favorite of Connor's, the Kilimanjaro Safari ride. He goes bananas over seeing the giraffe's and this particular trip they were running around and playing. What a treat for all of us. I cannot express enough what a joy it is to experience Disney with our little boy. It was always special to us, but now it is magical. We did things this trip like watching Lights, Motors, Action, and the Backlot Tour that we haven't done in ages. Connor ate it up. I'm looking forward to our next trip where we will be celebrating a very special person's birthday...

Connor is very lucky because recently there has been a huge delivery from the stork of potential future girlfriends. All joking aside, even if there are no sparks later, it is so exciting to be meeting all of these beautiful little girls who I know will be play friends for Connor. I see years ahead of us of the joy and fun that will be had as they grow up together. Little Mackenzie isn't here yet, but Connor has been very patient with mommy as she and grandma sewed away to make her a very special quilt. Each of these gorgeous girls are so special, and we have prayed for each of them so much. What a miracle it is to watch life unfold before us, stitched together by an ultimate quilter. Each square of fabric working together to create a masterpiece.

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