Baby K Maternity

Baby K Maternity

Monday, December 31, 2012

Thank You Santa

Santa: "Connor, what would you like for Christmas this year?"

Connor:"Um, tucks, cars, airpanes, and choo-choos."

 Christmas has been so fun with this little goober. He LOVES Christmas lights around the neighborhood, and shouts "pretty, daddy, pretty" in the car when we pass lit homes. He won't stop until we turn and make sure to see exactly which house he is pointing at. Cookies, and baking have been a great adventure with him along to help mix the ingredients, decorate with sprinkles, and gobble up the goodies. He's even a pro and turning on and off the Christmas tree, and insists on doing it himself every time it needs to be done. He takes it upon himself to remind us in the mornings when it needs to be turned on."Tree mommy, tree. On, on!!"
 Winter Break started on Friday Dec. 18, and we immediately drove up to Orlando. Disney has always been special to us, and we decided it was about time to start our Annual Passes back up. Connor is ready, and we're looking forward to a year full of Disney Magic. Merry Christmas to us! We thought it may be a little crowded that particular weekend, but it wasn't too bad. We've been there when it was much much worse. We hit Magic Kingdom, Epcot, and Animal Kingdom this particular trip, and it was the perfect way to start our Christmas holiday.

 Over the past few years our tradition has been to spend Christmas Eve at our house before heading to the Candlelight Service at church. This year's menu consisted of an appetizer of Cheese Bread Dip (that turned out perfectly thanks to my Nelson-Hamilton ladies), then onto potatoes, carrots, and a delicious Prime Rib Roast. I'm always nervous putting this meal together. There have been some interesting stories in the past, but thankfully everything turned out as planned this year. Actually I think the roast even surpassed my expectations, though Connor couldn't be bothered with it. It isn't mac and cheese after all. The Candlelight Service was beautiful and we were able to spend the wee hours of Christmas morning singing praise to the Lord, and with our loved ones.

 Santa certainly visited our home, and Connor was very satisfied with his list he so sweetly asked for. As I write this he is sitting on the floor with his die-cast Chuggington set having the choo-choo's circle round and round. Of course mommy and daddy added some more things to his Christmas haul, but we couldn't help ourselves. The picnic table has been used every day, and Connor loves sitting at it for breakfast, and all other times he plays. We figured he grow into his bicycle over this next year. He was very excited for it and was able to climb right on top of it. He has no idea how much fun that bike will hold in the future, but it has wheels and he's thrilled!
 Connor came out and immediately sat down at his new table! He may have even eaten the leftover cookies that Santa didn't eat. What a cookie monster!
 His stocking had lots of fun toys inside, including plastic animals and lots of Cars Vinylmations to open up. He liked his stocking so much he almost wasn't ready to move on to the other presents.
 Connor got many toys, but a majority of them either related to Mater, or Chuggington. We have attempted to organize and control the amount of track he has, but after purchasing one rubbermaid bin for his die-cast set, and one rubbermaid bin for his interactive set, we have found we need more bins, it doesn't fit!

 Grandma's house on Christmas morning is magical in and of itself. It always has been. The Guise family knows how to do Christmas, and everyone always feels so special and loved. Connor knew the rocking horse was his, and right away became the perfect cowboy on his bucking bronco.

 Grandma Glenda made sure everyone got their perfect present. Aunt Kaitlyn got the boots she'd been dreaming of, Uncle Casey got the DVD box set he'd been hinting at, Daddy got the golf shoes on his list, and little Connor got an iPod! Though he is only 2, our smarty pants knows just how to work the thing and has a list of favorite apps already. From puzzles, to counting, to letters, it is the perfect present for him. Grandma got me the perfect present too, she printed my blog. Hard cover, almost 200 pages, from pregnancy to Connor's second birthday, pages and pages of memories all packaged in a beautiful book. I cried.

 Papa got Connor a Cars scooter that he figured out very quickly. A few wipe outs, but he's learning what it takes to balance on it, and would immediately get back up and try again. He's all boy!

 Great Grandma and Grandpa Hebebrand came down the day after Christmas and spent a few days with us as well. They of course spoiled Connor, and couldn't get over how much he had grown and developed since the last time they were with him. We are blessed to have four generations together no matter how crazy it can get. Family is family, and we will always have one another.
It's New Year's Eve and I am in awe at how fast 2012 has flown by. We are adjusting to our new normal, and there is never a day that goes by that I don't think of Dad and miss him. Some say the holidays are the worst, but I really don't see a difference in holiday or not. I know he would be so proud of Connor and I miss being able to just talk to him. 2013 holds so much potential. I have many goals, hopes, and dreams for the new year. We will see which pan out, and which will wait until 2014.

 “Blessed is he whose help is the God of Jacob, whose hope is in the LORD his God, the Maker of heaven and earth, the sea, and everything in them– the LORD, who remains faithful forever” (Psalm 146:5,6).

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