Baby K Maternity

Baby K Maternity

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Tricking, Treating, and Talking

 Because of how crazy busy we've been I was only able to post once during the month of October. I'd say that's a pretty great problem to have! I was never able to post the pictures of us celebrating his birthday once we came back from Cali. We took the special little guy to Chuck E. Cheese and he had a blast! Who can't resist games and tickets? Though I don't think Mr. Cheese is nearly as cool as Mickey Mouse. There's no competition, really! We just traded one mouse for another!

 Our little Connor-boy is so loved, he opened so many gifts and was so tickled by all of his goodies! He couldn't wait to open every little thing, and plays daily with his presents. I'd have to say his new Chuggington tracks are probably his favorites, but it's a close race!

Between all of our traveling we were able to get in a brief trip to the pumpkin patch. The same one that we took him to as a newborn little bat. There was no sleeping baby this time, and he made it his mission to try to pick up every single big pumpkin he could find. He is really really really strong. I thought we might have a case of smashing pumpkins on our hands but no mess was had! Just pure fun!
Connor's buddy Everett celebrated his first birthday and we celebrated with a fun costume party! The kids had a great time on the bounce house and slide, and the little games kept everyone occupied! All you need is some cheap toilet paper and a ball and you can keep toddlers satisfied for hours! Parents were encouraged to dress up to and we went as Supergirl, Clark Kent, and a Pirate! I love that we were all able to bring our kids and see friends we hadn't seen in so long. It is amazing how we have all grown up, and have families of our own now. God has truly blessed us! Now let the pranks begin....I can only imagine!

Halloween was EPIC!!!! Connor went as Mater and was a hit! He was basically the human version and rode around in the real thing! Overalls, hat, and smudgy cheeks completed the look, now onto his chariot. 

Daddy and I spent a Saturday constructing our masterpiece out of cardboard from our new neighbors moving boxes, spray paint, a wagon, and some good 'ole creativity and ingenuity! His eyes I used posterboard and Sharpee markers, and even cut holes in the pupils for him to see through while he was sitting inside. Mater only has one headlight, and of course we have to include every detail, so we included a poplight that lit up as we rode from door to door. A paperplate and a papertowel roll cut in half made for his super easy engine. Having a die-cast version of Mater on hand is necessary, just make sure your little one doesn't continue to want to play with it and proceed to hide it, over and over again!


 Connor LOVED it! We had so much fun riding around the neighborhood but for Daddy and I, our most cherished memories are of the amount of talking he did. After teaching him baby sign language there are still some words he favors to sign. "Thank you" was one of those words until it came time to Trick or Treat. Our little orator promptly said "Thank You" to each neighbor but even figured out how to say "Tick or Teet"!!!! PRECIOUS!!! We looked forward to each new door to see what would come out of his mouth! We went around with Aunt Kaitlyn and some of her friends, but they weren't going fast enough for our little race car driver. He kept saying "Come on guys" to get them to move faster! We were laughing so much! He would come back from each door exclaiming "MORE CANDY"!! He had a fantastic Halloween!

 Election night was last night and I know so much seems uncertain. If I have learned anything in the last year it is I don't know what the future holds, but I know Who holds my future. I don't always understand why things happen, and I know I can't control everything, but we have to learn to roll with the punches and move forward. We are so blessed! We have a beautiful family that loves one another, we have the opportunity to travel and explore, we have a lovely home, and we have the most amazingly gifted little boy! I was amazed last night as he over and over again counted to 10 all on his own!!! He has not even been 2 for a whole month, and he's ready for Kindergarten! Let's not mention how he's been in big boy underwear all day and now playing football with Daddy! My kid is awesome!

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