Baby K Maternity

Baby K Maternity

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


We are beside ourselves with the amount of knowledge that Connor gains daily. There are so many moments where Tim and I look at each other in shock with what Connor says and does. Our little boy has very clear words and other times it is the most adorable babble that includes snippets of intelligible language. Of course he still signs please and thank you, but I'm loving hearing his voice. It is the sweetest sound in the word. I giggle when he says "Hi kitty-cat" when we get to Grandma Glenda's house every morning. We're working on the sounds that animals make, and his "woof woof" is too precious for words. "Quack quack" is another favorite. He called himself "Onnor" this past weekend when Great Grandma Harriet pointed to a  picture of him and asked who it was. Self awareness...check!

We have so much going on around our home right now. I'm so glad summer is right around the corner, I can see some down time in my near future. Though with the rate Connor is growing and exploring, I might have trouble keeping up with him. We took a trip this past weekend to the University of Florida to watch cousin Dale graduate. We are all so proud of him, and it's always touching to watch the joy on students faces as they are about to embark on the rest of their lives. The expectations and dreams they want to achieve are right there. It gave me time to reflect upon how fast time goes by, and how important each moment I have with Connor is. We captured his 18 month phase of life a few weeks ago, and below are some of my favorites from the shoot. It's a moment to pause and enjoy how incredible he is. Savoring the moment....check!

Here is one of the reason's life has been so crazy. My spring play is right around the corner and we are up to rehearsing every single day. There have been countless brick walls we've come up against, but hopefully we are at the home stretch. I am so proud of my students, and am so thankful to Mr. Brown and Grandma Glenda for all of their hard work as well. A show is always a group effort, and that is very true with this one. I will never forget painting sets with G.G. while Aunt Kaitlyn and Connor run around the stage to keep themselves busy. Now if all of the students remember their lines I will be thrilled! Stressed out director...check! (but so proud!)

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