Baby K Maternity

Baby K Maternity

Thursday, April 5, 2012

"I taw tuck"

The day after the last entry Tim and I took our first overnight trip away from Connor. Deep breaths, tears, and courage were a definite part of this endeavor. It was hard to leave him. He was of course in the very capable hands of Grandma Glenda, but we so enjoy every moment we have with him, that it is hard to be apart. Tim and I celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary in New York City. We did and saw so much. Two Broadway shows (Newsies & Anything Goes), the Intrepid, and the St. Patrick's Day Parade just to name a few of the new sights for us while we were there. Of course this wasn't our first trip to the Big Apple, but I truly feel you can come up with entirely new things to do each trip. A major part of our trip was exchanging picture mail between us and Grandma Glenda. I felt connected with Connor the entire time. We even tried to send video at different special spots. The video Connor wanted to watch the most was us with the "bairblanes" on top of the Intrepid. The trip was wonderful for Tim and I, we even managed to sleep in, but the renewed and refreshed parents that came back to Miami couldn't wait to get their arms around their baby. The day we left, Connor developed a very scary bout with croup, and it was terrible to not be home to take care of him. He graciously shared his sickness with Uncle Casey and Leo, who are still trying to shake the germs. He has been on antibiotics and yet the runny nose still hasn't gone away, though the tightness in his chest has. Of course this trip and his croup knocked us off of our sleeping through the night, but I know one day we'll get back there.
April brings spring into our lives, and we have been very active. We have had great playtime recently and Connor is loving every minute. My favorite is watching him play with other little kids, and the Collins' housewarming party was the perfect place to watch the their joyous interaction. It was so sweet to see him with all of my friends' children. I love that they are growing up together, now we will see what youth group they will all end up in.
Part of his favorite playtime is outside in our backyard with his playset. After putting it together we didn't hang up the swings knowing he was still too small for them. As a wonderful surprise Grandma Glenda shipped two perfect swings to our house, and ::poof:: swing time in our backyard!
Here he is showing his Liberty pride and we get ready for an alumni function for the CFAW students leaving from South Florida. Of course when he plays it's a production, and it ends up everywhere. I say this points to a creative brain!!!
Here Connor is meeting a beautiful horse, and loving being able to pet him and love on him. He is so gentle with animals, and I am always impressed how there always seems to be a connection.
We had playtime the other day in Hunter's splash pool and it truly felt like summer. I guess we have entered bathing suit season, and Connor is thrilled....mommy will just have to get on board. The stretchmarks have to tan out someday!

Connor has been babbling up a storm. He loves to talk. Now we clearly don't always understand him, but he certainly tries all.the.time. I love his voice, and he is so willing to say yes to everything. We have yet to enter the "no" stage, and I don't think it's too naive to hope that it doesn't start until he's a teenager. Ha! He has moments of speech sometimes that just make our mouths fall open. He's said "thank you" to daddy opening the door for him, he's said "sorry" to mommy for having hurt her, and today he told me "I saw truck" after watching the garbage truck drive by. A sentence!! Woot woot! Of course, maybe it sounded a little more like "I taw tuck" and maybe only mommy heard it, but to me, he's a master orator!


  1. It really is cool that he's all about "Yes" and nodding. And where was that horse??