Baby K Maternity

Baby K Maternity

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Milestones; From Driving to Sleeping

Wow have we done a lot recently! Where do I start? We packed up Grandma Glenda's minivan last Thursday and spent 12 hours in the car heading to Camp Legeune for Uncle Scott's retirement ceremony.
We are so proud of Uncle Scott, aka Gunny, and his 20 years of service in the Marines. The ceremony was very nice, and the rain stayed away long enough for everyone to enjoy themselves. Connor boy didn't want to sit in the comfy seats provided, so we walked in the back to watch the amazing program.
We also did a little exploration of the base and found the very cool tanks. Connor couldn't get enough of the "trucks" and kept banging on them, and patting them. If he could have pushed them around he would have been on cloud nine, but sitting on top of them was just as cool.
After the festivities we spent Friday night driving 5 hours to Virginia to pick up Casey for his Spring Break. It gave everyone the excuse to spend Saturday morning on Liberty's campus to see all of the changes. How is it that every time we are there something is new? By the time Connor goes to school there (no pressure) it will be an entirely different University. We left LU around noon which meant of course we had to stop for lunch before leaving. Connor had his first meal at Osaka, and I will say he liked it. How could he not? After stuffing ourselves with as much yum-yum sauce as we could, we loaded up the minivan again and headed back to Florida. First stop Orlando to do "research" for Casey's Thesis. Have you ever spent 3 hours on Main Street USA? We have, and it was fun!
The last time we were there in December Connor desperately wanted to ride the Speedway but was just a hair too short. He was so upset, and I knew we would certainly ride it the next time we were there. To say we were excited when we put his little head up against the height bar and it hit, would be an understatement. We were thrilled, and Connor didn't understand why he couldn't just walk on. What's a line to a toddler? He loved watching the cars as they went by and when it was finally his turn we got a cool blue car, and he sat in the driver's seat. He couldn't even see over the wheel but he really tried to move the car back and forth. He loved it! I'm so glad!
We spent 2 days at Walt Disney World and had a lot of fun. I'm not sure if we tuckered the Connor boy out but we've had a miracle happen in this house. At 17 months old Connor has slept through the entire night 2 nights in a row. We are beside ourselves. Time to throw the Sleeping Party!!! This of course had to be documented. Even if it doesn't happen for the rest of the week, the fact that he made it through just one entire night is a HUGE milestone. Go Connor, Go Connor, Go Connor!

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