Baby K Maternity

Baby K Maternity

Monday, March 5, 2012

Connor's Book of ABC's

I love creating photobooks of the oodles of pictures we have of our little wonder. I especially like creating photobooks that Connor can enjoy as well. I get emails for creating free books on shutterfly quite often, and I love to see what I can come up with, or what big event took place last. The program is so easy to use, and I can even customize each page to be exactly what I want. I've made simple books to show him the members of his family, there is a book of his 6 month photoshoot, and even one for his birthday party, but this past creative book has been my favorite. I made a book of ABC's that pertain to all of the things in Connor's life. It was so much fun to find pictures that would go along with each letter, and the book is a big hit. He has his very own book of ABC's, and from this previous kindergarten teacher, I think it's pretty great. I chose fonts that would be clear for him to read, once he gets there, and on every page there is capital and lowercase version of each letter. I am so excited to use this as he grows.

Here are a few examples of the pages I put together. Tim and I first made a list of what each letter was going to stand for, and then I scoured my computer files to find the perfect picture for each word. It was fun going back through months of pictures, and little hard too. I can't believe how perfect this turned out. Connor loves looking at each page and points to the things that catch his attention.
Some letters were easier to come up with than others, but I'll list what we used.

Connor's Book of ABC's:
A is for Aunt Kaitlyn
B is for ball
C is for Connor and cars
D is for daddy
E is for eating (great messy pictures)
F is for family
G is for Grandma Glenda
H is for hug
I is for ice cream
J is for juice
K is for kiss
L is for Liberty University
M is for mommy
N is for night night
O is for ocean
P is for pool and Papa
Q is for quick
R is for Red Sox
S is for slide
T is for trucks and teeth
U is for Uncle Casey
V is for VeggieTales
W is for walking and Walt Disney World
X is for xylophone
Y is for yell
Z is for zoo

Our new favorite book!

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