Baby K Maternity

Baby K Maternity

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

All Boy

Connor is certainly in touch with everything around him. Our little boy doesn't miss a thing, and wants to be involved in all of it. I think that's why we tend to get bumps and bruises so much. He can't get from one thing to the next fast enough. We experienced one of our most severe bumps about a week ago.

Connor has a sweet spot on his head. He tends to like to fall forehead first, slightly to the left. He tends to almost always have a bruise right there. Well he wanted to add a dent, bump, and mark to his bruise while we were visiting Great Grandpa Ernie for his birthday. The two were playing, and in the midst of Connor's squeals of delight over Grandpa's barking dog (you had to be there), Connor tripped and went head first into the coffee table. The thud was sickening and the egg shaped dome that followed was even more scary. This was the first big accident that Tim has been around for, and we were both a little uneasy with how Connor was after his show stopping percussion solo. We drove all the way to mom's house to have him checked for a concussion or any other problem. I had called on the way to tell them to be prepared, and Grandma Glenda was still shocked by what she saw. Thankfully our little bundle of energy only has a little scar left now that the scab has fallen away. Hopefully that will go away too.
Around the same time as Christmas Connor found a new love. "Blair-Blanes". Yes, he is now officially consumed with airplanes. Grandpa Gary would be so proud, and Tim can't take the smile off of his face. Anytime we walk outside Connor points up and starts scouring the sky for movement. Daytime, nighttime, it could be leaving the grocery store, it doesn't matter where or when; airplanes. If he hears an airplane when we are inside he will climb up on the couch and try to look out of the front window. It is so cute. Tim is loving this phase. He has downloaded apps of airplanes landing, which keeps them both occupied for a while. Tim also took Connor over to the airport the other day to watch them take off and land. I kind of think of it as dad doing a fly by whenever Connor spots one. "Hi guys, I love you."
Connor developed a cold the same night he bumped his head. Not really that big of a deal, until you start googling "Head trauma" and "runny nose". Probably not a good idea, but I can't help myself. I thought maybe he ruptured his sinus cavity, but oh no, web MD said it was much worse. It had us thinking he could have a fractured skull with cerebral mucus flowing through. Sign us up for a doctor's visit immediately! They of course said it seemed like a runny nose, and that he would be fine. The runny nose has lasted a week, and he did develop an ear infection, but he is now on medicine and should be feeling better in no time. Oh the things our minds think!
Our big boy also likes to dip. Yes, he likes to dance too, but he loves to dip his food into ketchup. No, he does not want you to dip his food, he wants to do it all on his own. Mmmmm does he love ketchup. Although the picture looks like another one of his accidents, it was really just him deciding he wanted to eat the ketchup container instead of dipping the food in it. He does keep us on our toes. No wonder we are so tired. On top of still not sleeping through the night, (yup, we still take turns), we are constantly on the move with our little bundle of energy. But he is SO worth it!

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