Baby K Maternity

Baby K Maternity

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Holiday Rush

It has been nearly a month since my last update. So much has been going on and we are constantly in the middle of something. Almost every day of December has a marking on our calendar. I really have to take the time to remember to slow down and enjoy the time we have with each other even if we are busy.

Thanksgiving was beautiful. We spent it at Grandma Glenda's and everything that we ate was absolutely mouth-wateringly delicious. You know how some years the casseroles are a little off, well we didn't have that problem this year. Everything was great. We spent it with loved ones, and it was very bitter sweet. I didn't have my "dad talk" that day, and it was just another reminder of how much I miss him. Connor spent the morning playing quarterback at Tim's annual Turkey Bowl, and then the Fisher's joined us for our supper at mom's. It was very memorable. We spent Black Friday taking our Christmas pictures, and I have to say my friend Anthony did an incredible job. We had fun, that's for sure!

December has been Christmas non-stop. With Kaitlyn being in the pageant at First Baptist of Ft. Lauderdale, and I running rehearsals for our Holiday Program at school, I feel a little Holi-dazed. We are never sure when we are going to get a free moment, and in a way that has been good. I can see why people get lonely around this time of year, but with our flurry of activity I keep my mind occupied.

Connor is growing daily. He loves to say vroom vroom when he is playing with his cars, and he has actually mastered dribbling a soccer ball with his feet as he walks (much to Tim's chagrin). He is enamored with animals even if they don't want him near them. He's been scratched a few times by Kaitlyn's kitten, and yet he keeps going back for more. I guess he'll learn one day. For our child that has still not mastered sleeping through the night, this week we've had a few gains. We had two nights where we only had to get up with him once, and we were able to put him back in his crib. He then woke up at 5am, but Hallelujah, it was amazing. I think we have forgotten what sleep is, and some days we still walk around like Zombies. He has a favorite book now too that he likes to open up and point at the pictures. He says his vroom vrooms when he sees the cars on the page, he holds his hand up to his ear when he sees the picture of the phone, and he kisses the big kitten page. Oh how I love those kisses. When he blows them, he starts with a great big build up of "mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm (wait for it)mmmmm-uah". Solid foods have been interesting for us and he tends to stick with Mac and Cheese, and chicken nuggets. I know that is what he will eat. Everything else is a crap shoot and most of the time ends up all over him, the floor, and Roxy's mouth. Oh yes, he feeds Roxy straight from his high chair. He thinks it's hysterical. We now have to put Roxy away during dinner time. We had a bout the past few weeks of Connor having separation anxiety as we dropped him off in the nursery during church. It was terrible, I've never seen him so upset. He starts screaming before you even get to the door. I have to say it's one of the most heart wrenching things to have to do. I think we may be getting over the hump, but we will see once we get back after our Holiday traveling.

Traveling? Oh yes, we are heading to our Happy Place. Maybe this time Connor will like the characters. I won't bet on it though. After his meltdown with Santa, it might be a while before he is ready for big characters that don't look like normal people. We were so excited to get his picture taken with Santa, and our little man had other plans. He was not very happy being placed in a stranger's lap, and certainly one that doesn't look like someone he might know. The Santa was very nice though, and told me Connor was doing the right thing. He said it's what I would want my baby to do if a stranger was taking him, and how was this any different. Oh sweet Santa. My little boy has been very good this year!


  1. Have you tried to "warn" him about church and nursery? That's what we have to do with our little guy. A heads up on Saturday night and a reminder on Sunday morning has gone a long way to easing the tears!

  2. I went through these photos again. I love the one of the three girls on that floating dock.