Baby K Maternity

Baby K Maternity

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown!

Good Grief, Connor’s first foray into trick-or-treating was a success. Naturally, thanks to Connor’s natural appearance, he went as Charlie Brown. We then got creative and Kristin went as Sally and I went as Linus. "My sweet Babboo" was uttered multiple times throughout the night. At first, we were a little concerned because the weather here has not been cooperative of late. Over the weekend and into Monday morning, parts of South Florida had accumulated almost a foot of rain. However, by Monday afternoon, most of the rain had moved away and left a nice cool evening in its place.

Our first stop was to Great-Grandpa and Great-Grandma Hackett’s house. It was here that we first devised the plan for Connor to go as Charlie Brown so we figured it would be appropriate to stop by. After that, we went down to Grandma Glenda’s. From here we took Connor/Charlie Brown out to a few houses on the block. Connor’s walking has been getting better daily so we decided it would be fun to allow him to walk as much of the neighborhood as he could. He did great. We stopped at a few of Grandma Glenda’s neighbors who knew Connor and they were excited to see him. For the most part, the decorations did not bother Connor. Occasionally something would trigger a prop to scream, or something would move suddenly and he would briefly pause, but after a second, he would brave on forward. The same can not be said for our little pup Roxy, who of course went as Snoopy.

After meeting up with Aunt Kaitlyn and her friends for some more trick or treating, we headed back to Grandma Glenda’s to sort through our spoils. For Connor, this meant climbing over, sitting on top of, and throwing any and all candy he could get a hold of. As a treat, Connor got his first lollipop. Not surprisingly, he knew exactly what to do with it and finished it off with no problem.

This coming weekend we are going back to one of the places we truly love. We are heading back to Lynchburg to visit Casey and of course Liberty. As is usual, this trip is going to be busy and full of fun, food, friends, football and theater. We plan on taking Connor (this will be his second trip to Liberty) to his first Liberty Football game. I of course am most excited about this. We also plan on taking in Liberty’s production of Little Shop of Horrors while also setting aside time for great friends we have not seen in a while and family coming up from North Carolina. I expect this to be exactly what we need right now.

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