Baby K Maternity

Baby K Maternity

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Virginia is for Lovers

Dogwoods blooming in the springtime
Blazing colors in the fall
The softness of a summer twilight
Sweet honeysuckle fills the air
My heart will always lead me there

Mother to our Founding Fathers
Birthplace of Democracy
Your fields bear scars of raging battles
Witnessed the fight to set men free
The triumph of equality
~Virginia by Lynn Klotz Rinker
I couldn't wait to get up into the mountains. I couldn't wait to see the beautiful fall colors. I couldn't wait to breathe the crisp fresh air. I couldn't wait to see Casey, Hilary, and the Bakewell's. Now I can't wait to go back. The flight up couldn't have been any better, and Connor even got to have his own seat. His face on landing was priceless, and he seemed to love every minute of this flying experience.

It was a bittersweet trip, and we thought of daddy many times. Our last fall LU trip was to celebrate his 60th birthday, and when planning this trip, he was planning on being there. It became very important to try and recapture one of my favorite pictures from the previous trip and we went on a wild goose chase to find the right street. All we could remember is that when we had passed it the first time we had all gasped and dad quickly parked the truck on the side of the wet road so we could jump out and snap a shot. Above is what we got this year. I think it was even more beautiful on the previous trip, and it makes me happy to think we all got to experience the beauty in all of it's glory together.
Uncle Casey is now in the process of getting his Master's, and to many freshmen he is known as Mr. Guise. He holds a GA position and I couldn't wait to see his little cubicle, and then even more thrilled to see that Hilary's cubicle is caddy-corner to his. I am so proud of both of their hard work, and I would have loved to be lucky enough to take a class with them as my "teacher". Those kids don't know how great they have it. The school has grown so much and there were times I was amazed at some of the changes. It's huge, offices have moved, and maybe we were a little lost. Way to go Liberty!

Of course we spent time out in the beautiful fall weather, and I tried to get as much of it on film as possible. Connor wasn't thrilled with sleeves on this trip and we found it difficult to even put a jacket on him. What a funny little guy. We would put him in a long sleeved shirt and he would hold out his wrists and look at us and moan. One thing he did love was his Uncle Casey. He couldn't get enough of him and lavished hugs and kisses on him. It is so precious to see the bond they have, and I am grateful for it. A young boy cannot have enough strong, loving, Christian men in his life.
While we were there we got to see a theatre production. This was my first ever show in the new Tower Theater and I was in awe. Little Shop of Horrors was wonderful and the whole complex is enviable. No raked stage for them. Real rehearsal rooms. A costume shop with sewing machines. I was amazed. Again, those freshmen have no idea how great they have it. Way to go Liberty!

Fall and Football always go hand in hand, and really was a main reason we went up at this time. We met up with the Aunt Merilee and Cousins Megan and Lindsey for a wonderful afternoon of football fun. I was so excited to spend time with them, and Tim couldn't be any happier to get in a game of Liberty Football. To make it even better we won! I love spending time with my Bakewell family, and they got a baby fix. Aunt Merilee even got to hold a sleeping Connor for a little while. Now it's Megan or Lindsey's turn!

Just to add one more gold star to this weekend my dear Hilary put together a little play date with some of our LU Theatre friends. It is amazing that our little ones are all within about 6 weeks of each other. It was too much fun seeing them together, and even more fun for us girls to talk. I found it so interesting to see how quiet Connor got when he was around the other two. I've never seen him like that. It took him a little while to warm up, but after they all got together pounding out a beautiful melody on the piano, Connor felt better about everything and started to act like himself. I took lots of pictures of the playing and we have great video of the giggles. I felt like I already knew these two beautiful babies, but it was so heartwarming to get to know them in person. Rhett is such a character, and his joy is contagious. Bea is so feminine and dainty, and seems just so self-assured you just stare in awe. When they started running after each other squealing down the hall my heart just felt so content.

This trip seemed like it was over too quickly. I wasn't ready to leave. I needed more time to enjoy the happiness I felt while I was there. Every moment we spent there was so full. We didn't know when we booked it, but I needed this trip. It was just what the Lord knew I would need. It is a reminder of what Fall represents, but there is hope in knowing that Spring will come. There is so much I could write about this wonderful weekend. We laughed and cried. We saw beauty all around us, and that includes in the eyes of our loved ones. Many new memories were made, and maybe the most memorable would have to be Connor's first kiss.
Now how precious is that?

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  1. Beautiful recap of what sounds like a great weekend. Lovely photos!