Baby K Maternity

Baby K Maternity

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Are you ready for some? It's been a busy week. I feel like I need a breather, and yet things are always busy around here. We've had some beautiful weather recently, and we can really feel the change in the air. Cool for us is only in the 70s but by George, it's time to break out the boots! Of course we got Connor an adorable little pair that has sheep's wool on the inside. Too cute!

The day before Connor turned 1 we went to Sears to document the occasion. Come on, I had a free coupon for a sitting and some prints, I was in! This is the shot we picked, and I just can't get over how big he is.

In a wonderful turn of events a dear friend from high school was in town and contacted me asking if there was anything I would be interested in having pictures of. It was her way of bringing some sunshine into my life. She had no idea that we wanted "real" pictures of Connor turning one, but God new I hadn't had time to book anything and laid it on her heart. Jenn was able to meet with us Saturday morning and she took some beautiful pictures of Connor. I cannot wait to see the finished product. The weather was gorgeous, and though Connor was still dealing with his cold, and a very runny nose, he was full of smiles and we have some real winners. Photoshop can fix snot any day! I was able to incorporate some props that reminisce Daddy in some of the shots, and it makes it all the more special. A stuffed animal Buffalo he had brought back from his trip to Sturgis, and a beautiful tin fire truck really made the shoot mean so much more to us.

Saturday marked one month since the accident and I don't think my heart is hurting any less. Saturday was very difficult, and I know that this Saturday will be even more so. October 29 is daddy's birthday. He would have been 62. I'm waiting to feel like myself again. I'm waiting to adjust to this new normal. I'm waiting to breathe again, it's just so hard. Life goes on, we move forward, and we have to keep going in that direction.

Tim purchased season tickets to the Dolphin's games this year and because it was so beautiful out on Sunday we decided to take Connor to his first professional football game. So maybe our team hasn't had much luck this year, we still manage to have fun at the games. Connor Boy loved clapping with the crowd, and yelling when appropriate. But Connor really loved dancing along to all of the musical interludes, and we have found that he likes rap. That's right, his little body really starts to rock when rap comes on, and his head juts forward and back to the beat. We're going to start calling him C-Dog from now on. The game was really good and we were actually winning so we decided to duck out and beat the crowds at the beginning of the 4th quarter. Who knew we would miss so much. I'm glad C-Dog didn't have to see the trouncing we got!
This next week our little trio will be taking a much needed trip. We're heading up to Virginia to visit Casey and the rest of our LU loved ones. We even get to see some Bakewell's! All of this already means so much to me. I love LU in the Fall, and my heart needs my near and dear. This picture is from our last very special fall visit up there. I hope this trip will hold its own new memories and also help us look back fondly on our old family memories from 2 years ago. I can't wait to see everyone, and feel a little peace.
One last thing, I wanted to include the picture we put on the front of Connor's Thank You notes for his birthday presents. I just had so much fun with these pictures, and when I found this shot I knew it was perfect for the cards. Casey slapped the "Thank You" on it and we were set to go! We are so thankful for the love and support given to our family, and for those who showered Connor with their love on his birthday as well. We are truly blessed.

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