Baby K Maternity

Baby K Maternity

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fall and Fevers

In the week since turning one Connor has had 3 Doctor visits, a trip to the pumpkin patch, gotten a bad cold, and learned a new word. Life keeps moving forward. I feel like I've lived in a daze since the accident, but I'm reminded daily through Connor that we have to keep going. There is no pause button in life, and certainly no rewind. We can keep moving towards the future and savor each day we are given. I don't understand why things happen, but I know who makes the plans, and I trust Him completely though it's hard sometimes.

The first two doctor visits were completely planned. Connor had a well baby check-up for turning one that was interesting in and of itself. It was right around nap time, and we were lucky enough to have to wait an hour just to be given a room. Connor does not like sitting in one place for an hour, so that already put us on the wrong course. When we were finally seen, it was by a doctor that was filling in for the doctor we usually see. They do his checkup on the table and would not let me hold him in my lap while they poked and prodded. Of course Connor didn't like that either. He certainly made it known that he was not happy. I'm used to Chuckie (that's his alter ego he adopts when throwing a temper tantrum), but clearly the doctor was not. Let's think about this, he was due for a nap, they made us wait for over an hour, then poked and prodded with no kindness, and Connor had enough. She was shocked at his behavior and told me I will need to watch his anger, and I should be teaching him how to express himself better. That's fine lady, next time he gets upset I will require a dissertation on proper emotional outbursts relating to situations at present. He is one, he is tired, and he does not like you. During the visit we learned that Connor is in th 90th percentile for height and 75th percentile for weight. 31 inches tall, and 22.3 lbs respectively. He also got three shots which they jabbed in his arm, again propped up on a table not in my lap. The next doctor appointment was with Tiki Dental for his first Dentist Appointment. With 11 teeth he was ready! He got a "cleaning" and a checkup. His teeth look great and his gaps are perfect. Sure he bit the dentist, but it's par for the course. Her finger was in his mouth, and she said it's normal. The third appointment was on Monday because baby Connor is sick. Fever, runny nose, cough, ear infection and little appetite, leads to exhaustion for mommy and daddy. The poor guy can barely breathe through his nose, and we're up all night with him trying to help him sleep. I'll be ready for a healthy baby, Chuckie days and all!

We went to the Flamingo Road Nursery Pumpkin Patch this past weekend. I was so impressed with their set up. There was a horse drawn "hay" ride, pumpkin painting, a farmer's market, and lots of pumpkins. Connor was in "ball" heaven. He thought every pumpkin was a ball, and couldn't stop saying so. He also was transfixed by the horses when we went for our ride. It was such a fun day that we spent with the Collins' and Rizzo's. It was overcast but that gave us a cool breeze, and made it not too hot. Our Florida version of "Fall". We knew Connor wasn't quite himself because smiles were very hard to come by. It was a serious Connor day, and by the next morning we had a congested mess. The loot we brought home consisted of one big pumpkin, 2 baby pumpkins, and a cool bumpy green gourd. Connor likes to remind us of "ball" every time we walk in or out of the front door.

"Bubbles". My little elocutionist found a bottle the other day, and it became the perfect teaching opportunity. He loves to imitate sounds and learned "bubble" really well. I love to hear his babble, and it's so fun trying to guess what he is going to say next. We've heard "I love you" once, just after I had said it to him and started to walk out of the room. Everyone stopped, looked at each other, and then the "oh my gosh's" started. What a cool kid our Connor-boy is! Can you believe our last pumpkin pictures looked like this?

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