Baby K Maternity

Baby K Maternity

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

1 Year Old; Happy Birthday!

We hit one out of the park for Connor's first birthday party. I can honestly say that I may have been more stressed out over this than when Tim and I got married. It has been a very stressful few weeks to say the least, but I really wanted to give it my all and make this special. The team work that came from my family and friends to help make this happen was incredible. Connor is so lucky to have so many people who will step up to bat for him. Of course we had a theme, and Red Sox, win or lose, will always be a part of our family so that was an easy choice. Throw in a great invitation by Casey, a scoreboard by Grandma Glenda, a concession stand, and all of the hot dog and toppings choices one can imagine and you've got yourself a baseball bash. Popcorn, Peanuts, Cotton Candy, Soft Pretzels, Cracker Jacks, (I feel like a vendor calling out my goods) you could almost imagine you were at Fenway!

Here is a link to watch Connor dig into his cake:

Connor had many friends come, and many special people. We surely felt the absence of Grandpa Gary, but we felt God's grace throughout the day. It was amazing how the Lord used His power to show us that He was still in control on Sunday. The entire weekend South Florida was experiencing a Tropical Wave. I thought we would have to call the party on account of rain. We woke up to rain, we did last minute errands in the rain, we set up in the rain, all the while praying for just a little sunshine. Please Lord, we just need a little. We adjusted. We set up most of the party on the porch, still had the bounce house delivered, set out all of the chairs, had towels on hand, all the while not knowing which way we would swing the party. As the first guests arrived the clouds began to break. For 3 glorious hours we had sunshine. Take that 60% chance of showers all day, we have a mighty God. I am still in awe of how well everything turned out. So much of it is still a blur, I'm still trying to decompress and slow myself down from everything that has been taking place in our lives. The Lord will only give us what we can handle, and He knew my soul needed the sunshine. In the moments when I can't make sense of any of this I can look to how He took control, and how He is still taking care of us. Thank you Lord for Connor's party.
Our little Boy is 1. It is amazing to go back and read this (go ahead, click it) and see how far we have come. I have so much more life experience under my belt. My newborn is now walking and talking and certainly has a mind of his own. He is amazing to me. My most incredible accomplishment. I couldn't be more proud to be his mom, and I hold him so close to my heart. I stand in awe of the gift I was given.

I now know that I can still survive on very little sleep. That things you have to struggle to be patient with, teaches you patience. I've learned that when a baby won't stop crying for hours, you cry too. Sometimes you have to act like a lunatic to get your child to giggle or smile, and you think it's worth it. I am now positive, every baby is different! I know I can sit on the floor for hours entertaining a child and still go to work. I've learned how quickly I can move to prevent a bump or bruise from happening. I know now that a mother never stops praying for her child, and thinks about them by the minute. Lists work! And, it was verified, singing is the best medicine, whether it's "You are my sunshine" or our "Connor" song.

Grandma Glenda made her banana cake special for him to enjoy all by himself.
Today's your first birthday
How can that be true?
Each day has been so special
To turn you into you.
I love to kiss your little cheeks
and hold you nice a close.
Your little personality
is what I love the most.
It's a blessing to be your mom
I love you oh so much,
I can't wait to watch you grow
and see all you touch.
You are an amazing little boy
I just want you to know,
please don't rush your growing up,
take it nice and slow.


  1. So sweet!! What a treasure! Happy Birthday Connor!! You are loved!

  2. I love this post! He had a wonderful first birthday :)

  3. Great theme and BRILLIANT ideas. I'm pinning everything! Love the ticket invite and the signed babseball idea. Way to hit it out of the park! :)

  4. Who made your invitations? Details please

    1. My brother Casey Guise made the invitation. You can find him on pinterest.