Baby K Maternity

Baby K Maternity

Friday, September 9, 2011

Evel Knievel

Gather 'round ladies and gentlemen to witness the incredible, fearless acts, of one amazing 1o month old.

My child is a dare devil. Watch him closely because I'm sure the Grand Canyon is next.

Connor is certainly all boy, and figuring out how to get up as high as he can is a specialty of his. He truly is one to watch very carefully. Poor grandma didn't know she was getting an acrobat back this school year. This is a relatively new talent, as his balance and strength get greater and greater with each day. It started with things relatively close to the ground, and has increased in height with each day.

Bumbo, check.

Play Tray, too easy.

Couch, piece of cake.

We try not to laugh, but it is just amazing to witness. I'm sure this has spawned because he doesn't want to be locked into any one place. So he will find any way to break free. His squeals of victory as he reaches his freedom are his way of mocking us. Saying, "Ha ha mommy and daddy, I have out smarted you!" Connor Knievel really is brilliant. He loves to figure things out, and daily amazes us with his skills.

Watch out, he's a rule breaker!

He has been on a roll this week. From getting better and better at walking, to growing new teeth, we are constantly on our toes, while he seems to be on everything else. Yes, I said new teeth. We have two new molars growing in. One peeking through on the bottom, one coming through on the opposite top gum. The poor baby has had a sore mouth, which leads to all sorts of other headaches for everyone. But, we face each new day with heads high, a little more bags under our eyes, and the thankfulness for having such an amazing (fearless) blessing.

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